Vitality Surveys Revealed

By Erica Hohenadel
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“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve” – Bill Gates.

Vitality takes our member experience processes seriously. Every member is different, and every member has different needs. We have worked hard to set ourselves apart from our competition and deliver exceptional service and an even better experience.

As a data-driven organization, we measure everything. That’s why we’re constantly surveying our constituents. We survey our members regularly to ensure that we’re continually meeting their needs, as well as to help develop new ideas for the future that will help us achieve our competitive edge. Our members have some great insights and ideas about how better to incorporate wellness into their daily lives.

Beyond providing a great customer experience, what does Vitality do with all the feedback we collect?

Educate our clients

Every year, our clients receive a formal survey package with aggregated data on which they can focus as part of their engagement strategy. Whether it’s interest in specific health topics, engagement, educational opportunities, or suggestions for employer events to promote wellness, Vitality works with our clients to develop a program that will meet the needs of their demographics.

In fact, 80% of our clients stated that the Vitality program has made a positive impact on their members. Our wellness strategy managers incorporate the results of our annual survey into the client’s engagement roadmap and will align goals with those of the client. This includes communication strategies, employer incentives and goals. Our wellness strategy managers often share best practices that have worked for other employer groups that have success in their same industry.

During the pandemic, our clients have relied on Vitality to provide their members and organizations with valuable information about COVID-19. In truth, 94% of our clients surveyed said that they are satisfied with the support they have received during COVID-19.

Celebrate our members’ successes

Our members’ stories are our favorite. Vitality is fortunate to have our members share their personal testimonials with their survey responses. They literally leave us crying, smiling and cheering them on. We love to hear how Vitality has changed the lives of so many. Members submit anecdotes, photos and words to encourage others. In 2020, we received more than 2,000 testimonials among all our 2020 campaigns. Even though this past year has been difficult for all of us, we are so inspired by those members who have been able to find the light during all the darkness. We want to share some of their stories with you here:

My husband, two daughters and I have started a family workout regimen, doing a bootcampstyle workout for 45 to 60 minutes at least twice a week. This has been a fun and healthy activity for all of us and has been a positive light in a difficult year.”- Kelly C.

“Since COVID hit and locked us all down at my prior company, I started focusing on my health and the time that I was sitting when working remotely and de-stressing, through daily walks and now daily runs I’ve lost at least 30 pounds and haven’t felt this good in 20 years.”- Roger P.

“Vitality totally inspired me this year. I hit my basement gym almost daily and hit my Vitality 300 workouts this year! I used the Fitbit Charge 4 (that I earned through Vitality) to record my food, water and workouts. I kept my team updated on my Vitality progress in hopes of inspiring them.” – Dale H.

You can find more testimonials at our Vitality Victories page.  

Take suggestions from members

Vitality is constantly bending the status quo, pushing the barriers and enhancing the program year after year. We are constantly evolving and one way we do this is by asking our members. In each one of our surveys, we ask our members and clients which enhancements they would like to see added to our program. Vitality reads each comment and suggestion, and we integrate member requests and feedback from survey results to validate our new product and program features. For example, over the years, we would always receive requests from members asking for more meaningful ways to use their Vitality Rewards. Gateway Flex was a way to have those requests become reality. We couldn’t be prouder of this addition to our program.

Summary of Statistics

In 2020, we had more than 36,000 responses to our member surveys and more than 75 responses to our client surveys. We put together the following infographic for our clients to understand our key statistics:

We’ll continue to help employers improve the health and well-being of their employees and provide members with an outlet to share their experiences. For more information about the Vitality program, visit our website.

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