behavioral health platform

Vitality is the world’s largest behavioral platform

We partner with the leading insurers globally to create shared value. Today, we are incentivizing healthy behaviors across individuals and organizations across 6 continents.

Working together to increase shared value

Vitality’s relevance and ability to integrate with financial services and insurance products have resulted in a new category of insurance: Vitality Shared-Value Insurance, applied by a network of leading insurers globally.

Vitality behavioral health platform

Our Global Partner Network


Vitality operates in the United States. We offer the leading health tech engagement platform in the US market.

Vitality UK

Vitality UK offers health insurance , life insurance  and car insurance that rewards you for making positive lifestyle choices.

Discovery Vitality

Vitality forms the foundation of Discovery Ltd, the leading financial services company in South Africa.

John Hancock Vitality

John Hancock Vitality operates in the United States.

Ping An

Ping An Vitality operates in China.

Manulife Vitality

Manulife Vitality operates in Canada.

AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality currently operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Generali Vitality

Generali Vitality currently operates in Germany, France, Austria and Spain.

Sumitomo Vitality

Sumitomo Vitality operates in Japan.

IGI Life Vitality

IGI Life Vitality operates in Pakistan.

Saludsa and Equivida Vitality

Saludsa and Equivida Vitality operate in Ecuador.

a.s.r Vitality

a.s.r. partners with Vitality Group to bring the Vitality program to the Netherlands.

Wellcorp and Prudential Vitality

In Argentina, Vitality is operated by Wellness Services S.R.L. and WellCorp, its corporate division.

Tawuniya Vitality

Tawuniya is pioneering a new era in the Saudi insurance industry with the launch of Tawuniya Vitality.

Multicare Vitality

Fidelidade and Multicare clients now have access to the Vitality program in Portugal.

BBVA Vitality

BBVA, Mexico’s leading bank with digital banking and insurance products.

Prudential Vitality

Prudential broadened its partnership with Vitality with the launch of Prudential Vitality in Brazil.

Tata AIA

Tata AIA operating in India is the result of the expanded partnership between Vitality and AIA.

Vitality Health International

Vitality is a globally recognized, science-based wellness program that provides the tools and support to help you know your health, improve your health and earn great rewards to motivate you all the way.