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Lower the Cost of Care

We tailor a population-specific approach and motivate high-risk members to change behavior, while aligning higher-value incentives to specific conditions.

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Our science-based approach drives engagement, lowering cost of care

Vitality leverages clinical, actuarial, and behavioral science to optimize intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. With a tailored approach to be population-specific.

Customized nudges help increase healthy behaviors and utilization of preventive services across your total population.

Vitality’s personalized user journeys and clinical care pathways motivate members to get healthier.

Vitality helps members on their health journey, regardless of their current lifestyle.

Whether members are managing chronic conditions or are just in need of new inspiration around healthy behaviors, Vitality provides data-driven guidance at the right place and time.

Our deep industry expertise, strategic insights, and practical experience can be leveraged to achieve long-term results.

Benefit from our experience of working with 20 million lives and 25 years of product innovation, health intelligence, and health assets.

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Motivate and reward people to inspire behavior change

Vitality incorporates gamified features and education resources into one easy-to-use app, giving members all the resources they need to make choosing healthy behaviors fun.

Boost engagement and promote a culture of health

Keep the benefits that mean most to your employees while still managing the rising cost of healthcare by encouraging members to become self-advocates who are proactive in their own care.

Reduce claims and increase productivity

Steering employees towards prioritizing preventive care and healthy actions ultimately reduces absenteeism and claims, leading to a healthier workforce overall.

Tailor condition-specific communications to meet members where they are

We’ll work with you to create tailored, sophisticated communication plans that work for members across the health spectrum.

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Lower claims for engaged Vitality members

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Reduction in hospital admissions for engaged Vitality members

40- 41 %

Reduction in disease burden through participation in the VItality Elevate program over a 3-year timeframe

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