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The Vitality Difference

Guided by a core purpose of making people healthier, we guide people to healthy choices and reward them for sticking to their goals, today and for the long run. With over 25 years of experience helping over 30 million members, we’ve learned what health takes and have the technology and support to do it.

Trusted by some of the world's healthiest companies

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Expertise, data and assets

We are the longest-running and largest incentive-based engagement platform in the world. Organically grown and built by a global health change organization, we have a leading understanding and dataset on risk prediction, how to engage people in their health and the impact of health behavior change. We’ve also developed extensive global health capabilities and partnerships and continually validate our IP through a leading research base.

  • >100M healthy activities per month
  • >50 million life years of behavioral data
  • >50 published papers/studies in 27 publications

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Engagement and behavior change that matters

Tired of broken promises? We deliver real engagement results for our clients.​ Our sophisticated engagement engine leverages a simple user interface and principles of behavioral science to create smart, cost-effective incentives and intelligent nudges. Our rigorous definition of engagement gives us a focused approach that predicts risk, personalizes care pathways and drives engagement and behavior change that matters. We can do more with your budget.​

  • High engagement: 53% of our members earn points each month
  • Quality engagement: 38% of our members complete their full biometrics
  • Activating the at-risk: 41% of our registered members have more than one health or lifestyle risk

Seamless integrations that improve utilization

If you’re looking to expand benefits offerings, you can tap into our carefully vetted, best-in-class partners. We have a wide range of partners available and offer unique ways of creating access for your members. Learn more here.

  • +42% increase in program activities post integration
  • +25% likelihood of at-risk members engaging in integrated point solutions
  • 6x engagement in a weight management program at a large employer post integration with Vitality
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Best-in-class strategic support

When you make an investment in a wellness program, you deserve to be confident that you're getting a return. We measure everything and provide you with continuous tracking and feedback, along with best-in-class client and member support. With an average client rating of 9.8/10, experience our industry-leading support.

  • C. Everett Koop Awards: 3 client winners in the last 6 years awarded
  • Highly-rated Strategy Managers with an average of 10+ years of experience
  • 68 Client NPS

Proven Results

Vitality's experience and tenure in health and wellness is unmatched. We’ve developed an approach and technology that actually works for employers and health plans, meaningfully engaging members in a program that contains health risks, improves health outcomes, boosts ecosystem performance and improves member experiences, ultimately improving your business outcomes. Creating simple, rewarding health experiences is a big job – let us help.

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Lower aggregate turnover rate for engaged Vitality members

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Reduction in medical and Rx claims (using Propensity Score Matching technique)

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of clients satisfied with engagement results

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"Vitality members are more likely to take up and stick with physical activity. Engaged members also go to the hospital 7.5 percent less often and for markedly shorter periods, too."

-Ericka Fry

, 'Doing Well by Doing Good.' Fortune Magazine, September 2015

Continued Innovation

Our recommendations aren’t based on guesses or patterned after other programs. More than 220 million months of global member data collected over the past 20 years have shaped our programs, and collaborations with trusted healthcare and technology leaders that are shaping the policies and programs of the future.

Get the engagement you want, and the health results you need.

Learn how Vitality can help.

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