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The Vitality Difference

Guided by a core purpose of making people healthier, we help people make healthy choices and reward them for sticking to their goals today and in the long run. With over 25 years of experience helping over 35 million members, we’ve learned what health takes and have the technology and support to do it.

What makes us different

We (actually) make people healthier

Our data backs it up. Vitality members move more, eat better, attend to their preventive care, and smoke less. We have a real impact on health outcomes. In other words, we don’t just engage the young and healthy. We meet members where they are.

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of members with high blood pressure reduce their readings

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of members with obesity lower their weight

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of members with high cholesterol reduce their readings

The recognized global leader in behavior change

And the list of reputable organizations spreading the love keeps growing. We may just be the biggest behavior change company you’ve never heard of.

We pioneered incentivized healthy behavior change, and our teams of actuaries and behavioral scientists continue to trailblaze. You can count on us to keep innovating and enhancing Vitality with the latest developments in behavioral and data science.

We’re hands-on — so you can focus on what needs your attention most

You know what needs to get done but have finite bandwidth. Our seasoned strategy managers will partner with you to help you effectively engage your members, bringing not only capacity but also best-practice tactics and strategies. And they’re backed by our in-house teams of data scientists, actuaries, behavioral economists, clinicians and marketers, who work together behind the scenes to ensure you always get the best support.

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"Vitality provides purpose for me. I feel like I belong and am accepted. At the same time, I’m able to improve my mental and physical health. I encourage others to follow this path where there is no judgment and a lot of gratification."

-Adam D.

, Vitality member

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"Our partnership with Vitality pulled everything together under one umbrella, which has made it a lot easier to administer. One of the things we really like about Vitality is how comprehensive the program is. It is not just focused on physical wellness, but incorporates mental, nutritional and financial wellness."


, Vitality client

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"Vitality really helped me like a virtual mentor – guiding me, pushing me, teaching me and also rewarding me."

-Anshuman R.

, Vitality member

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Hear from our members

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"Vitality members are more likely to take up and stick with physical activity. Engaged members also go to the hospital 7.5 percent less often and for markedly shorter periods, too."

-Ericka Fry

, 'Doing Well by Doing Good.' Fortune Magazine, September 2015

Our history

30 years ago, a health plan founded by actuaries created Vitality to improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and make people healthier.

We are experts in behavior change and pioneered the shared value insurance category: aligning incentives across members, payers and providers to reduce health risk and enable every stakeholder to share in the value of better population health outcomes. Vitality is not a standalone wellness program — but rather a business model that embeds a health promotion methodology to help health plans drive behavior change, risk savings, and dynamic pricing.

Get the engagement you want, and the health results you need.

Learn how Vitality can help.

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