A flexible, efficient ecosystem

Our platform integrates with devices, biometrics, point solutions, and high-appeal rewards partners. It’s also highly flexible – with the ability to integrate into your ecosystem: any vendor, employer initiative or program. Plus, we can customize the experience to your needs.

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We hear you - vendor fatigue is exhausting

Our carefully vetted partners across health and wellbeing are the best at what they do. We manage the partnerships, so you don't have to – saving you valuable time and energy.

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Underutilized programs and initiatives can be a thorn in the side

We steer, motivate and connect members to the highest-impact programs and initiatives that target your unique culture.

Shift your strategy as your employees evolve

Our ecosystem allows you to shift your strategy as your members' needs change. Our flexible funding options ensure you receive best-in-market pricing.

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What our engagement can do for you

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Improve insights

We assist with usage tracking and reporting to identify trends, manage costs and help improve member engagement strategy over time.

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Increase engagement

Seamlessly plug your initiatives into our program and let us steer, motivate and connect members to maximize engagement.

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More choice, less burden

Providing a diverse array of benefits is difficult on a small budget and hard to manage on a big one. We relieve you of the administrative burden and provide access to our entire partner ecosystem under one contract.

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Reduce spending waste

Mix and match strategies from fixed rate fees to flexible pay-per-use funding and subsidy options to get the most out of your spend.

Real change. Real results.

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BrightDime is the highly innovative digital financial wellness solution designed to help employees reduce their financial stress and take control of their money.
Financial Health
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U.S. Preventive Medicine

U.S. Preventative Medicine is a leading provider of evidence-based prevention, early detection, and management health solutions that drive sustained behavior change and reduce your healthcare costs
Condition Management
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Wellbeats gives people of every age, interest, body type, and ability level the same opportunity – to live a healthier life. Members can access virtual fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes from wherever they feel comfortable.
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Exercise Therapy Made Simple
Condition Management


Fun, easy-to-use activity challenges for companies and organizations
Social and Challenges
Fitt Finder Logo

Fitt Finder

FITT Finder is the world’s first fitness search and discovery engine.
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BenefitBump helps your organization provide the support growing families are seeking from their employer.

Dario Health

Dario Health is a global digital therapeutics solution leader revolutionizing the way people with diabetes and hypertension manage their chronic conditions.
Condition Management


From personal training and office ergonomics to health coaching and advising, HealthFitness offers a wide range of health services designed to help engage and support users on their health journey (both in-person and online!) HealthFitness trainers are certified by a nationally accredited personal training organization, hold multiple specialty certifications, and are experts in helping you achieve your personal goals.
Condition Management  Lifestyle


Shapa Health’s digital tools combine their expertise in behavioral science with health and disease management programs. Their programs engage with your employees on a daily basis, serving as a reminder, feedback tool, and motivator for daily actions that have positive benefits for their long-term health goals, helping individuals lead healthier lives with lasting results.

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