Making people healthier, one behavior change at a time.

Vitality is uniquely positioned to help you transform your engagement strategy and drive meaningful short and long-term outcomes.

Vitality was founded 30 years ago to improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and make people healthier. Our approach is simple: we offer a truly tailored and comprehensive approach to individualized wellbeing, presented to members in a simple and delightful experience.

Our digital health platform combines data, science and tech to offer solutions that improve outcomes that matter:

Wellbeing programs

Care management amplifier

Seamless care experience

GLP-1 management

Weight management

Condition management

Optimized incentive budget

Personalized recommendations 

Centralized benefit access

Prevention program utilization

Unlock real value with our results-driven engagement




of all members



of all members



increased physical activity for high BMI members


Start at high-risk


of all members

Lower risk over time


of high-risk members reduce their risk

Increase in
low-risk category


Industry average of 30% “engaged”

average of 12 activities per month

40% device-verified workouts per month

64% of members with high blood pressure reduce their readings

43% of obese members lose weight

63% of members with high cholesterol reduce their readings

A healthier, more resilient workforce.

We help your employees be their best selves by guiding them to the activities and resources most beneficial to their health and wellbeing. This means reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, lower burn and churn, and more of your employees feeling their best so they can do their best.

No culture shock with our unmatched flexibility.

Your company's identity and culture are at the heart of everything you do – it’s only natural to expect your wellbeing program to reflect that. We work with you to craft a wellbeing program that's unmistakably yours. Leverage our unmatched flexibility to create a program your employees embrace and love.

Get a handle on runaway healthcare costs.

By helping your employees prioritize their health (early), we help lower costs so your hard-earned revenue translates into a healthy bottom line.


reduction in
claim costs







The tactical and strategic support you always wanted.

Ever wished you could clone yourself to get to all the things on your plate? No need. Our team of wellness strategy managers, behavioral scientists, actuaries and marketers will partner with you to maximize engagement and drive benefits utilization. Rather than adding to your administrative burden, they’re an extension of you, helping you focus on the things that need your attention.

Know your health
  • Drive enrollment
  • Complete onboarding assessment, Health Assessment and biometric screening
  • Contextualize health status through Vitality Age (risk adjusted real age)
  • Receive health profile to understand what health categories need improvement
Improve your health
  • Personalized guidance steers the member to activities that provide the biggest impact
  • Flexibility for the member to choose how they want to engage
  • Integrate and optimize engagement in any of your initiatives
  • Automated and configurable communications tools to drive engagement
Get Rewarded
  • Smart and proven ways to
    reward members and reinforce engagement over the long run
  • Members earn Vitality Points® to achieve Vitality Status® and rewards
  • Cost-effective mechanisms to enable your strategy
  • Configurable menu of incentive options

Trusted by some of the world's healthiest companies

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What our clients say

Our partnership with Vitality pulled everything together under one umbrella, which has made it is a lot easier to administer. One of the things we really like about Vitality is how comprehensive the program is. It is not just focused on physical wellness, but incorporates mental, nutritional and financial wellness. It offers a large variety of different categories all under the wellness program.


We’ve gotten a lot of great shout-outs and [feedback] from our champs about Vitality and how the program has really enhanced people’s lives. That’s great fuel for continued momentum to keep people engaged and planning for new features we can offer.

-DPR Construction

Vitality Graphic

Not only is our wellness strategy manager wonderful with keeping us informed of program changes and new offerings, but she is extremely consultative and great at keeping us on task! Honestly, I don’t think I could do my job as well as I do without her. It’s necessary for me to have impeccable administrative support, and Vitality always delivers.

-Senior Consultant of Benefits for Stantec

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