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Vitality’s leading total wellbeing engagement platform makes employee experiences of health simple and rewarding.

The need to support and improve employee health is greater than ever

Our award-winning engagement solution can create visibility into what you’re doing to support, attract and retain talent. Keep your diverse employee population healthy with a personalized, rewarding experience that steers them to the right resources when needed.

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Benefits visibility and utilization remain low. We can help.

Our platform integrates your initiatives so you can leverage our engagement base to provide a simplified onramp into your benefits, care and programs. The regular lifestyle habits and preventive care we build into our personalized, rewarding experience helps us to get to know members better and more effectively connect them to the right actions at the right time.

Empty promises can leave you disillusioned. We’re here to change that.

Our platform capabilities and best-in-class strategic support deliver on our promises. We have validated, cost-effective mechanisms to draw in members, with the ability to create rules-based engagement for targeting cohorts. From flexible, omni-channel communication plans to science-backed, configurable incentives that provide the extrinsic motivation where needed.

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What our engagement can do for you

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Improve health outcomes

Let us do the work to consolidate your data, predict health risks and identify the highest-impact interventions. Our mechanisms activate members and inspire even the most disengaged to invest in their health and wellbeing, closing care gaps and containing health risks.

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Boost utilization

You’ve got the solutions in place, let us help enable them. Leverage our proven lifestyle and preventive engagement base to steer members into programs and care. Easily structure and target our communications and incentives suites to drive engagement in the highest impact activities for each member.

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Improve experiences

Transform employee health experiences by making them fun and rewarding. We can support and guide members, help them manage and improve their wellbeing and navigate their health and benefits. We’ll also give you the tools, insights, and support you need to iterate and improve your strategy.

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Connect employees

Connect your employees to their health, their team and your company with our extensive tools and support. Vitality's engaging experience builds a culture of health and keeps them coming back for more.

Delivered through a simple and rewarding member experience

Know your health
  • Drive enrollment
  • Complete onboarding assessment, Health Assessment and biometric screening
  • Contextualize health status through Vitality Age (risk adjusted real age)
  • Receive health profile to understand what health categories need improvement
Improve your health
  • Personalized guidance steers the member to activities that provide the biggest impact
  • Flexibility for the member to choose how they want to engage
  • Integrate and optimize engagement in any of your initiatives
  • Automated and configurable communications tools to drive engagement
Get Rewarded
  • Smart and proven ways to
    reward members and reinforce engagement over the long run
  • Members earn Vitality Points® to achieve Vitality Status® and rewards
  • Cost-effective mechanisms to enable your strategy
  • Configurable menu of incentive options
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Lower turnover rates for engaged members

Trusted by some of the world's healthiest companies

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What our clients say

Our partnership with Vitality pulled everything together under one umbrella, which has made it is a lot easier to administer. One of the things we really like about Vitality is how comprehensive the program is. It is not just focused on physical wellness, but incorporates mental, nutritional and financial wellness. It offers a large variety of different categories all under the wellness program.


We’ve gotten a lot of great shout-outs and [feedback] from our champs about Vitality and how the program has really enhanced people’s lives. That’s great fuel for continued momentum to keep people engaged and planning for new features we can offer.

-DPR Construction

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Not only is our wellness strategy manager wonderful with keeping us informed of program changes and new offerings, but she is extremely consultative and great at keeping us on task! Honestly, I don’t think I could do my job as well as I do without her. It’s necessary for me to have impeccable administrative support, and Vitality always delivers.

-Senior Consultant of Benefits for Stantec

Data, Assets, and Expertise

Built by and for health payers and health systems

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Our deep global assets and expertise enables effective risk prediction

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Extensive global health-tech capabilities and partnerships, supported by a leading research base

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