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The world’s largest behavioral engagement platform

Vitality uses the power of incentives, data, and behavioral science to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives.

We’re guided by our core purpose of making people healthier

35 years of making people healthier

Vitality was born out of the largest private health plan in South Africa. For over 30 years, Vitality has been helping people across the globe to live longer, healthier lives.

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A global organization active in 41 markets

Vitality impacts the lives of over 35 million people globally. With over 100 million activities logged monthly, it’s clear that Vitality drives inclusive engagement in the right health behaviors and is a powerful mechanism for improving lives, reducing healthcare costs, and creating a culture of health.

Our core values guide our actions

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Great people

We believe in attracting great people from diverse backgrounds, with distinctive personal experiences and outlooks. We never compromise on finding the best person for every role, ensuring we maintain our exceptional standards - or elevate them - with every hire. We are strong believers in intelligence, but believe ego < IQ < EQ. We are the organization that the best people want to be part of.

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Liberate the best in our people

We believe there is greatness in every person and intervene to bring this out of them. We insist on an inclusive environment that enables every person to bring all of themselves to work. In fact, we celebrate this. We seek out strong, independent views and encourage robust intellectual debate. When a direction is eventually chosen, we represent it. We work hard at eliminating politics.

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Intellectual leadership

We are thought leaders in the markets in which we operate, and are actively engaged in policy debate based on science and facts, inspired by our Core Purpose. We actively look for ways that our assets and expertise can be applied towards this end. Personally, we commit to continuous learning and self-betterment.

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Drive, tenacity and urgency

We think like founders. We despise unnecessary bureaucracy and irrespective of our scale - we seek insurgency. We execute brilliantly, and at rapid pace, marrying our ambitions with short-term, urgent goals. We measure both rigorously. We are also unrelenting: we squeeze every product and process for brilliance all the way to the last "100m.”

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Innovation and optimism

We are a profound disruptor. We enter markets where we believe that through our Core Purpose and Shared-Value model, we can effect change for good. We do so through products that are brilliant – they deal with complex issues, yet should be simple to understand. We are optimistic about the future and seek out positive signals in the current environment.

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Business astuteness and prudence

We think like owners – we pursue the business case and invest only if there is a clear benefit for the organization, our customers and society. We embrace necessary governance in substance and form – we continually pursue exceptional risk management, financial excellence and financial strength, and we face challenges head-on and deal with them constructively. We respect the scarcity of capital.

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Customer, customer, customer

We are obsessed with our customers and their experience of us because we empathize as though their problems are our own and recognize the impact of our actions on the people we serve. We articulate this care through intuitive customer journeys and an approach to managing service centered on statistics, as well as accounting for every single interaction. Anecdotes matter. We use every customer touch point to nurture lifelong relationships.

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Integrity, honesty and fairness

We ensure we contrast the complexity of the organization with simple, old-fashioned values of doing the right thing. We are truthful in our interactions and transparent in all our dealings, and ensure that every single rule and policy meets the highest ethical standards. We treat everyone fairly, recognizing the inherent worth of every human being. We encourage our people to question anything that they are not comfortable with. When necessary, we make difficult decisions. We make our parents proud.

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Force for good

We are determined to be an exceptional employer, excellent partner and a good corporate citizen. We are also deeply committed to nation building and protecting our planet. Our Core Purpose and Shared-Value model demand this.

Real change. Real results.

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"Vitality provides purpose for me. I feel like I belong and am accepted. At the same time, I’m able to improve my mental and physical health. I encourage others to follow this path where there is no judgment and a lot of gratification."

-Adam D.

, Vitality member

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"Our partnership with Vitality pulled everything together under one umbrella, which has made it a lot easier to administer. One of the things we really like about Vitality is how comprehensive the program is. It is not just focused on physical wellness, but incorporates mental, nutritional and financial wellness."


, Vitality client

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"Vitality really helped me like a virtual mentor – guiding me, pushing me, teaching me and also rewarding me."

-Anshuman R.

, Vitality member

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