Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our mission is to liberate the best in our people with an environment that allows everyone to bring their whole self to work.

We believe our diverse backgrounds and distinctive personal experiences enhance our ability to deliver innovative products. We recognize the diversity of our members and the communities in which we live and work, and we aim to provide exceptional, inclusive support.


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Our People
We are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace for our people through mindful actions and informed policies.

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Our Members
We will continue to support our diverse group of members through innovative products and communications that meet their needs.

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Our Community
We are determined to be an exceptional employer, excellent partner, and a good corporate citizen that enhances the communities in which we live and work.

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Our Partners
We take an intentional approach to diverse partnerships, both in the partners we choose and in the values of our partners.

Our Vision

Vitality’s employment equity vision is based on who we are and is influenced by our belief in what we can become. We believe that our ability to grow and become globally significant will create many new and exciting roles for talented people from diverse backgrounds while leveraging the strengths of being a founder-led entrepreneurial organization.
We are committed personally and as a group to cultivating a high-performance, positive culture through our inclusion and diversity strategies. Our commitment to diversity encompasses the creation of an inclusive, productive, and respectful culture where every employee is fully valued, participates, and contributes to Vitality’s success. Providing our people a space where they can contribute their full range of talents and bring their authentic selves to work, Vitality will be better able to anticipate needs and deliver exceptional service to our clients and their members.

Our vision is to:

Lead a great company that is known for the quality, diversity and strength of the people who work here.

We will not devalue transformation by solely focusing on numbers but will invest heavily in strategic sourcing of the best available people and the development of our leaders to ensure we continue to perform brilliantly and deliver exceptional results.

Manage great people who are leaders in their areas of expertise, contribute significant value and add to our uniqueness and impact.

Provide opportunities for growth and development of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds as the business continues to grow both locally and internationally.

Work in a great company where our individual identities are valued and we can bring our full, authentic selves to collaborate, innovate, grow, and succeed. A place where every individual feels able and is expected to contribute towards the achievement of our objectives.