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Simplifying access

As a health payer, we’re familiar with the challenges you’re facing. From consolidating data to effectively applying analytics and establishing member cohorts, guiding members to the care they need can be challenging.

We’ve built something that’s helped us – and we’re sure it can help you. Leveraging proven digital lifestyle and preventive care engagement, we can establish a baseline of trust with your members, get to know them better, and steer them to the highest value integrated programs or care.

It’s hard to identify risks and monitor program effectiveness

Disjointed, lagging data across the health ecosystem makes it difficult to identify risks and monitor the effectiveness of programs and care. Let us do the work to consolidate your data and leverage our analytics to enrich it while identifying cohorts' unique needs. We’ll monitor utilization and give you the insights you need to iterate and improve your interventions.

Care and program fragmentation lead to poor experiences – for you and your members

We’ll seamlessly integrate your programs into our platform so you can leverage our engagement base to simplify access to your care. Our personalized and rewarding experience starts with everyday lifestyle habits and preventive care. This helps us get to know members better and build a baseline of trust to effectively guide them into the highest impact integrated programs and care at the right time.

Reaching members and getting them to engage in preventive care and manage chronic conditions is increasingly difficult

Our validated, cost-effective mechanisms can be configured to create rules-based engagement to target cohorts. We structure flexible, omnichannel communication plans to promote specific health interventions at the right time in ways that members prefer. Our science-backed, configurable incentive mechanisms give members the extrinsic motivation they need.

What our engagement can do for you

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Boost ecosystem performance

Leverage our proven engagement model to guide members to the most effective programs. Our targeted strategic communications and incentives drive member engagement to the highest-impact interventions.

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Enhance intervention effectiveness

You’ve got the solutions in place let us help enable them. We can consolidate data, enrich it with advanced analytics and identify the highest-impact interventions for your members. Then, through prompts and smart incentives, we activate the member to engage and close gaps in care.

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Improve experiences

We’re all about improving member experiences and health outcomes. Fragmented experiences and improper, expensive care result in low member satisfaction, frustration, and poor outcomes, and we’re here to change that! Members love our program, and health payors love our results.

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Build a long-term relationship with your members

Move from short-term ad-hoc outreach to building trust with your members in an engaging experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Real change. Real results.

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Data, Assets, and Expertise

Built by and for health payers and health systems

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Our deep global assets and expertise enables effective risk prediction

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Extensive global health-tech capabilities and partnerships, supported by a leading research base

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