Making people healthier, one behavior change at a time.

Vitality is uniquely positioned to help you transform your engagement strategy and drive meaningful short and long-term outcomes.

An actuary-founded health plan created Vitality to improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and make people healthier. Vitality focuses on small, impactful behavior changes across the care continuum.

Our digital health platform combines data, science and tech to offer solutions that improve outcomes that matter:

Wellbeing programs

Care enablement

Close gaps in care

GLP-1 management

Bolster STAR ratings

Condition management

Streamline care coordination

Medication adherence

Reduce hospital re-admission

Prevention program utilization

Unlock real value with our results-driven engagement




of all members



of all members



of all members


Start at high-risk


of all members

Lower risk over time


of high-risk members reduce their risk

Increase in
low-risk category


Industry average of 30% “engaged”

average of 12 activities per month

40% device verified workouts per month

64% of members with high blood pressure reduce their readings

43% of obese members lose weight

63% of members with high cholesterol reduce their readings

What does it mean for you?

Help your members live their best lives.

Lackluster member engagement? We can help kickstart it (and keep it going). Members who engage begin to care about their health and do something about it, too. The more they engage, the better they feel. The better they feel, the more they engage. Healthier behaviors + members who stay = higher customer lifetime value.


reduction in
claim costs

Your claims costs don't have to follow the trend.

By helping your members prioritize their health (early), we help lower costs so your hard-earned revenue translates into a healthy bottom line. Our proven approach has reduced health claims costs by 4%. Yes, that’s 4% on average, regardless of risk, demographics or willingness to engage.

Turbocharge the solutions you already have. No rip-and-replace here.

Your teams rely on multiple internal platforms to deliver on your brand promise. Our easy-to-implement advanced technology layer is designed to amplify the value of what you already have and bring your data together to power truly personalized, dynamic engagement with every member. The result? Less admin for you. Greater impact on your quality and care teams. Happier, healthier members you inspire every day.

Respond to the market. Better and faster.

Changing regulations, shifting consumer trends and digital and AI advancements are a lot to keep up with. You need to be ready to respond proactively when the market changes without overhauling your strategy or setup. Why not leverage the analytics and tech power of an experienced global player to deliver on your promise to transform the health of your communities? Or use our account managers, behavioral scientists, actuaries and marketers to augment your in-house talent? After all, Vitality was created by a health plan to crack behavior change and claims costs amidst an evolving landscape. It’s in our DNA.

Rev up revenue (and retention).

Clients have seen a 36% sales uplift after embedding Vitality. Leverage our flexible platform to build programs and deliver benefits your members will love, so you can attract and retain members and groups and reduce carve-outs.

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