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Vitality’s science-based approach helps companies around the world attract, engage, and retain a healthy workforce, with employees who feel connected to their company’s mission.

Trusted by some of the world's healthiest companies

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Engaging and retaining top talent is the key to better business performance

Vitality’s personalized member journeys help guide employees to find their ‘why’ and build skills to succeed in the long-term.

With more than 25 years of experience, we know how to steer individuals to recommended goals and activities through the right interventions

Our configurable rewards make healthy behaviors fun and rewarding while optimizing incentive budgets. We engage all individuals, regardless of health status, and allow employees to earn and spend their rewards in a way that fits their lifestyle.

We personalize your engagement platform to support your employee’s holistic health

Integrate employer-specific programs into Vitality’s open framework, giving you access to a curated ecosystem and custom solutions to improve the health and well-being of your workforce.

Our dedicated Vitality Wellness Strategy Managers use data and best practices to co-create and implement your strategy

We measure everything we do and provide you with continuous tracking and feedback, along with best-in-class client and member support, to ensure that we’re meeting your company needs.

Benefits of Using Vitality's Products Headline

Lower recruitment and training costs

People are an organization’s most valuable asset. Incorporating Vitality’s behavioral-science program into your benefits package keeps employees engaged in their health, and engaged in their community.

Create connections and be an employer of choice

Employees are increasingly searching for socially responsible employers and an environment that matches their lifestyle. Vitality helps employees feel connected to their company’s mission, and gives them access to a broad range of wellbeing offerings.

Benefit from our experience of working with 20 million lives and 25 years of product innovation, health intelligence, and health assets

Vitality seamlessly integrates employer-specific programs, activities, consumer devices, and apps, with unparalleled choice and unique funding flexibility.

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Of our surveyed members say that Vitality Elevate feels personalized to them, and helps them form healthy habits that improve their health and well-being

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