100 Answers about COVID-19

Covid-19 virus microscope - Vitality

During uncertain times, truth matters more than ever. 

That’s why Jay Walker, Director of the TEDMED Foundation, sat down with world’s leading virologist, Professor Peter Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, last week for a live-on-stage interview at the TEDMED gathering in Boston to discuss COVID-19. 

The interview will be released next week via, but for the sake of public knowledge they have decided to release a 100-question Q&A with short, clear answers to the most pressing questions about COVID-19, including:

    • What is a virus?
    • Why is it called the “novel” coronavirus?
    • How easily does the virus spread?
    • What makes COVID-19 so problematic compared to other viruses?
    • Can you spread the coronavirus if you’re asymptomatic?
    • How long will it take to find a vaccine?
    • How does COVID-19 compare to the seasonal flu?
    • Why does your risk increase if you have other conditions?
    • If you get infected, are there drugs that you can take to make the virus less severe?
    • How can we slow down the virus?

To read the interview in it’s entirety and gain an accurate understanding of what’s happening with COVID-19, visit the

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