Vitality Expands Gateway Flex Health and Wellness Marketplace with HealthFitness Personal Training, Health and Ergonomics Coaching


Global health and wellness company Vitality Group has added HealthFitness’ services to Gateway Flex. These additions will offer employees more options to improve their wellbeing, both physically and mentally, with the support and guidance of expert coaches from HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, and a leading provider of comprehensive fitness solutions, injury prevention and treatment programs and wellness services.

“Gateway Flex helps employers boost engagement by offering more relevant choices to employees to meet their specific needs,” said Tanya Little, Chief Growth Officer, Vitality. “We’re excited to add these HealthFitness offerings to our marketplace.“

The first program of its kind, Gateway Flex offers employers unprecedented flexibility with less complexity and efficient use of resources, as they only pay for solutions that their employees use.

Vitality members can now opt-in to participate in the following HealthFitness programs:

  • Personal Training – Live virtual session packages with a professional trainer, customized to the member.
  • Health Coaching – Interactive sessions with coaches focused on healthy eating, fitness, resilience and weight with an ongoing action plan that addresses goals, barriers and strategies.
  • Ergonomics – Live video sessions with an ergonomic professional to help the employee identify work-related risks based on their workstation and body mechanics and offer recommendations to reduce these risks.
  • Health Advising – Live telephonic interaction where participants receive guidance, recommendations and resources to help them toward their health goals.

“At HealthFitness, we’re continuously working to improve the employee wellbeing experience, boost engagement and care for the whole person throughout their health journey,” said HealthFitness Chief Growth Officer Jen Smith. “We look forward to introducing more people to our skilled and passionate wellness and fitness professionals through Gateway Flex, helping employees find health and wellbeing support when they need it, and creating trusted relationships.”

HealthFitness is one of 13 strategic partners integrated into Vitality Gateway Flex across the broader behavior change platform.

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