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Engaging members in preventive care and managing chronic conditions is increasingly difficult. Our validated mechanisms are configurable to create rules to target cohorts. Our flexible communication plans promote the right health interventions at the right time in ways that members prefer, building in the motivations members need.

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"Vitality provides purpose for me. I feel like I belong and am accepted. At the same time, I’m able to improve my mental and physical health. I encourage others to follow this path where there is no judgment and a lot of gratification."

-Adam D.

, Vitality member

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"Our partnership with Vitality pulled everything together under one umbrella, which has made it a lot easier to administer. One of the things we really like about Vitality is how comprehensive the program is. It is not just focused on physical wellness, but incorporates mental, nutritional and financial wellness."


, Vitality client

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"Vitality really helped me like a virtual mentor – guiding me, pushing me, teaching me and also rewarding me."

-Anshuman R.

, Vitality member

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