Vitality Adds Apple Fitness+ to Gateway Flex, the First Pay-as-you-go Benefits Marketplace


Vitality Group, a global health and wellness company committed to making people healthier, has expanded its Apple offering for members with the addition of Apple Fitness+ on Vitality Gateway Flex. A first of its kind program, Gateway Flex enables employers to quickly adapt to their workforce’s rapidly changing needs. By connecting employees to the right care and products at the right time, Gateway Flex drives engagement that matters – all for less than the cost of traditional fixed fee agreements.

“With the addition of Apple Fitness+ on Gateway Flex our members now have access to world-class workouts by a welcoming and inclusive group of trainers,” said Lori Serradas, VP Product Development and Data Analytics for Vitality. “This offering also compliments our Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch program and will further motivate our members to be engaged in managing their health.”

Fitness+ is the first fitness service built entirely around Apple Watch. It brings studio-style workouts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, intelligently incorporating workout metrics from Apple Watch for a first-of-its-kind personalized and immersive experience users can complete wherever and whenever is convenient for them. Workouts are led by a phenomenal team of trainers whose approach is welcoming to all and are fueled by inspiring music from today’s top artists designed to keep users motivated from start to finish.

With Fitness+, users can also get moving outside with Time to Walk — the inspiring audio experience on Apple Watch for Fitness+ — designed to encourage users to get active by walking more often. Each episode features some of the world’s most interesting and influential people who share stories, photos, and music with Fitness+ subscribers.

Gateway Flex offers employers unprecedented flexibility with less complexity and almost zero wastage of resources, as they only pay for solutions that employees engage with. Employers have access to a full suite of carefully vetted industry-leading coaching, lifestyle guidance, condition management and fitness applications that will be most impactful in meeting their employees diverse health needs. Employees then select the services they need based on recommendations from Vitality. They can use employer-allocated funds to purchase products or services of their choice, and if they want to use additional partners, they can opt to pay using their own funds at a preferred rate.

How Vitality Gateway Flex works:

  • With one contract, employers will have the ability to select (and remove) partners from the numerous options available on the Vitality Gateway Platform to tailor services based on what employees need.
  • This enables employers to avoid the often cumbersome and time-consuming negotiations from procurement to contracting. As there is only one contract with Vitality, employers can easily bring new vendors online to quickly engage employees. Additionally, by easing the cost and complexity of procurement and ongoing vendor management, a big pain point is removed from the equation: the complexity of managing and measuring vendor performance.
  • Employees are guided to providers that best meet their health needs based on their health data and information.
  • If employees prefer a solution not subsidized by their employer, they can choose to pay using their own currency, ensuring access to the broadest choice of solutions in the market.
  • Employers only pay for solutions within their budget and that their employees engage with, allowing greater control over costs, with virtually zero wastage.
  • The Gateway Platform also offers data-driven insights around partner usage and overall employee health to forecast what programs and services should be offered.

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