Thinking outside the box: How Vitality continues to get creative on social media

By Carly Heymann
Woman cooking healthy meal in kitchen following social - Vitality

COVID-19 presented Vitality with many challenges, but also encouraged us to provide members with new, exciting, and beneficial content. We were encouraged to start thinking outside the box which resulted in us expanding our current social media initiatives. What started out as small initiatives, turned into weekly highlights for members.

Vitality Kitchen

Every Thursday, Vitality releases a new episode of “Vitality Kitchen” on Instagram TV. These episodes feature Vitality employees (and sometimes their children) in their own kitchens, showing followers how to whip up a quick, easy, and nutritious recipe! The aim with Vitality Kitchen is to provide members with fun, engaging content that gives them a break from day-to-day life and helps them learn something along the way. Followers can comment on the videos with their questions and feedback.

Mind Minute

At Vitality, we focus on mental wellbeing and ensuring that our members have the resources and support they need. With that in mind, we wanted to step up our social media initiatives for Mental Health Awareness Month, so every Tuesday in May we published content from mindfulness coach Shana Shrum on our social channels. In these videos, Shanna guided us through a minute of different mindfulness activities—breathing techniques to release stress, concentration techniques to become more mindful of the present, and more. This gave our members the opportunity to stop scrolling on social media for a minute and focus on their mental wellbeing.

Fit Minute

As a company, we are continuously looking for ways to encourage and motivate our members to stay active and engaged. In June, we launched an exciting new series called “Fit Minute.” This series provides members with minute-long videos featuring fun exercises, facilitated by Vitality employees. The best part about this series is that the workouts can be completed from the comfort of your own home, utilizing household items when necessary.

Vitality Virtual Training Club

The Vitality Virtual Training Club (VVTC) is our growing online community being utilized by members across the U.S. We’ve used the VVTC as an outlet for all things Vitality related — announcements about the program structure, resources available to our members, weekly Vitality Blogs related to current events, etc.— but most importantly, as a safe space for our members to share their thoughts, concerns, progress, questions, and everything in between.

If you haven’t already, be sure to join the Vitality Virtual Training Club for more initiatives and exciting new content, and to stay in the loop with fellow Vitality members.

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