Celebrating our Members’ Victories

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2022 proved to be a monumental year for many of our Vitality members and we are so proud of their triumphs – big and small! We asked our members to share their victories, their wins, successes, and proudest moments. And share they did! We received so many inspiring and motivating stories that we couldn’t wait to share some of them here with you. We hope these stories leave you feeling inspired for the year ahead.

Let’s hear from our Vitality members…

Keeping healthy as a family

“My victory is starting to put myself together again. I am going to prioritize my health both physically and mentally because it’s time to believe that I am worth that. My kids deserve a healthy mom. I want to show up for myself and even starting this journey is a big step forward to me.”

-Olivia L.

“My Vitality Victory is setting a good example for my children by eating healthy. My 2 youngest love to help me play Vitality Squares every month, and I use that as a lesson to remember that fruits and veggies are rewarding for your body.”

-Michael C.

“This program is available through my employer, and I am so grateful for it. It’s been a good 2022 and I joined close to the summer, so I feel like I missed out on a lot. But once I got started, I couldn’t help but secretly compete with my fiancé. He works for the same company, so it’s been great to share information with each other. I love that you can sync with the Apple Watch. So, cheers to 2022 and ready for 2023!”

-Jessica S.

Striving to improve

“This year was a year of health! I am so proud of what I accomplished, and Vitality was a huge contributing factor. I love playing tennis but thought I was too out of shape to even have fun. Now I play four days and week. I even won my first tennis tournament in 20 years! Another non-scale victory was my physical. Since playing tennis, my weight has decreased, and all my critical Vitality Check vitals have improved. I’m the healthiest I’ve been in almost a decade. Wearing my Apple Watch and competing with myself has been fun too!”

-Kara M.

“My Vitality Victory has been being more health conscious and Vitality has been so impactful in improving my overall health and lifestyle.”

-William F.

Working hard to live a healthy life

“Vitality pushed me to start looking at my physical health as well as my mental health! I have ignored my physical health for many years, and this is the first year I have been part of Vitality and I love it! It has encouraged me to go to the doctor this year as well as start to focus on exercising. Watching my points grow, seeing the accomplishments I hit as well as getting me focused for 2023 to really make a difference in my life has been tremendous! I am ready for 2023 to be the year I get into much better physical health with the encouragement of Vitality and all of the resources it has to offer! Thank you, Vitality!”

-Robert L.

“I rode my bicycle over 3,000 miles this year.”

-Timothy L.

“I have gained insight into my health using Vitality from physical health to mental health and even my financial health. The app has helped me attain some goals and earmark new ones for me to achieve more.”

-Earl W.

“Had my knee replaced on New Year’s Eve and had complications from the surgery. I lost the first quarter of the year and am excited that I was able to at least hit the gold level for 2022.”

-Jim N.

Starting something new

“I started a new fitness journey this year by running my first 5K. It took on a new dedication to training and definitely pushed me to new limits. I’ve already signed up for my third 5K!”

-Gina C.

“I got a personal trainer and stuck with my plan! I’m excited to renew for the new year and to continue towards my body goals.”

-Alancia G.

Thanks again to all our Vitality members for sharing their stories with us! If you’d like to read more of these inspirational testimonials throughout the year, follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

You’re allowed to be proud of how far you’ve come even if it’s not where you thought you’d be by now.

And remember, no (health) victory is ever too small to celebrate! We love celebrating with you!

Take a look at what our members said!

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