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2021 certainly had some highs and some lows, but what made this year unique was the resiliency and optimism that kept shining through on even the cloudiest of days. Towards the end of the year, we invited all Vitality members who wanted to inspire and encourage others to share their personal victories from 2021—their successes, achievements, and milestones!

And share they did! We received so many inspiring and motivating stories that we couldn’t wait to share some them here with you.  We hope these stories leave you feeling inspired for the year ahead.


“I started my journey with Vitality in November 2021. In the span of these two months, there were so many good practices that I have followed to improve my physical and mental health.

  • Started eating a lot of healthy (especially more green leafy vegetables) food
  • Exercised 4-5 times a week
  • 30 days sleep challenge made sure of enough rest for the body
  • Daily Meditation helped in hustling towards my daily duties
  • Weekly goals cheered me to improve and conquer my world
  • Biometric results made me feel younger than my age

As I keep hustling daily, Vitality has awarded me with the Platinum category within 45 days. Looking back it is an amazing journey that I would like to keep working on and achieve more heights in the future.”

-Sai V., Vitality Member


“My Vitality Victory is returning to the gym in June after managing to keep my healthy habit of working out in the morning before each and every working day.  I managed to keep getting up early while working from home and translate it right back to the office gym.  I’m not required to be in the office every day, but as long as the gym stays open, I’ll keep coming in.  And if we’re sent home again, I know that I can (and will) keep the habit of getting up for an early workout.”

-Stan R., Vitality Member


“My Vitality Victory was my first 5K in 34:43. A major accomplishment for me! Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, unable to walk because the tumor was on my proximal femur. 17 weeks of crutches, chemo, radiation, physical therapy and lots of workouts I am proud to say I am 2 years cancer free!! Running a 5K in 40 minutes was my goal. I crushed it!!

I love Vitality and am fortunate to have it offered through my employer.”

-Kathy G., Vitality Member


“During 2021 as part of my ongoing goals every 4-8 weeks, I had 3 skip sugar days per week.  This was a solid challenge as I am married to a wonderful baker.  I kept this up every week, always having 3 days without sugar/sweets.  At first I tended to over compensate on my “sugar” days and eat too much sugar.  However by mid-year, I followed through with not only 3 days each week without sugar, but moderated my sugar days as well.  I feel a lot better, and experience less spikes throughout the day with my energy level.”

-Brian H., Vitality Member


“Starting a new job with a longer commute threw off all my exercising and eating rhythms. But with the help of Vitality, I’ve been able to find new rhythms of exercising and eating healthy – like climbing stairs to my office and going on a walk during lunch. The Vitality platform is super motivating for me. I’m excited for a healthy 2022!”

-Jessica M., Vitality Member


Thank you again to all of our Vitality members for choosing to share their stories with us! If you’d like to read more of these inspirational testimonials, make sure to follow Vitality on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

And don’t forget, no (health) victory is ever too small to celebrate!


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