BenefitBump Added to Vitality Gateway Flex Health and Wellness Marketplace


To support employers in their efforts to create more inclusive and diverse workplaces, Vitality Group, a global health and wellness company committed to making people healthier, has added BenefitBump as a preferred partner to its Vitality Gateway and Gateway Flex benefit marketplace.

BenefitBump fills an important need in employee benefits, helping growing families navigate their benefit and time off programs to build a plan for balancing work and life. The program was designed for all paths to parenthood, including adoption and families seeking fertility support. Participants are provided with live support from a master’s level emotional health clinician, who guides the entire family through their journey. BenefitBump also provides digital tools including planning worksheets, helpful content, and emotional health support.

“Employers increasingly recognize the value of a diverse workforce,” said Tanya Little, Chief Growth Officer for Vitality. “They’re looking to provide targeted support for employees seeking to have families and those already navigating parenthood. As fallout from the pandemic continues, competition to retain and hire employees is intense. Employers need to work hard to meet needs for maternal mental health resources, family benefit education and leave, and childcare.”

The first program of its kind, Gateway Flex offers employers unprecedented flexibility with less complexity and almost zero wastage of resources, as they only pay for solutions that employees engage with. As part of Vitality’s behavior change platform, the marketplace enables employers to personalize the health experience to meet their employees’ diverse and rapidly changing needs.

”As a former benefits consultant, I love the Gateway Flex construct,” said Scott Liebman, President and Founder of BenefitBump. “It allows employers to enhance the personalization of their benefit program without the challenge of managing numerous point-solution vendors. We are thrilled to be part of the platform and to be able to deliver the support growing families want and need as they navigate their path to parenthood and to support them when/if they return to work.”

About Vitality Gateway Flex

Employers can choose to subsidize a vetted range of industry-leading coaching, lifestyle guidance, condition management, and fitness products that will meet their employees’ diverse health needs. Vitality suggests personalized recommendations that employees can access at a preferred rate using the employer subsidy or their funds.

Gateway Flex is different from any other program in the market given its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, as employers only pay for the services their employees use. Everything is done via one contract with Vitality – saving the employer the hassle of contracting with separate vendors to offer diverse benefits to their employees. The level of choice, ability to respond to employees’ changing needs, and resulting data on use and health impact, help employers achieve higher levels of engagement in health and wellness more cost-effectively.

Vitality Gateway Flex integrates strategic partners across the broader health environment to connect employees to the right resources at the right time to improve their health. In addition to BenefitBump, partners include:

  • Apple Fitness+
  • BrightDime
  • ClassPass
  • DarioHealth
  • Fitbit Premium
  • FITT Finder
  • HealthFitness
  • MoveSpring
  • Polar
  • Shapa
  • SimpleTherapy
  • USPM
  • Wellbeats

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