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We offer a truly tailored and comprehensive approach to individualized wellbeing, presented to members in a simple and delightful experience. By harnessing data from a multitude of sources, risk stratification and predictive analytics, we create personalized pathways through the use of a sophisticated recommendation engine.

Member experience


To activate members from the start, we help them quickly identify their health risks and offer easy ways to start improving their health. This helps members immediately find their focus. As they engage and build confidence, we keep them engaged with more focused activities and guidance.

Assessments & Vitality Health Review™

Vitality Age™

Health profile

Vitality Check™

Multi-channel communications


Members enjoy a simplified and personalized experience and are nudged toward recommended activities that impact their health most, creating real engagement that matters.


Care Connector™

Personal Pathway™

Weight Management with GLP-1

Vitality HealthyFood™

Condition Management


Our rewards are crafted with a blend of actuarial and behavioral science, designed to spark real motivation and lasting change. By tapping into core human behaviors—like the need for instant gratification and the fear of losing out—our incentive structure draws people in and keeps them engaged for the long haul.

Vitality Points™ and Vitality Status™

Vitality Active Rewards™

Vitality Squares™

Vitality Wheel™

Instant Rewards

Rewards Mall

Client Experience


Whether you want to incorporate your branding, customize activities and challenges, tweak reward points or develop tailored surveys, we work with you to craft a wellbeing program that’s unmistakably yours.


Our seasoned strategy managers will partner with you to help you effectively engage your members, bringing not only capacity but also best-practice tactics and strategies. And they’re backed by our in-house teams of data scientists, actuaries, behavioral economists, clinicians and marketers, who work together behind the scenes to ensure you always get the best support.

Care Connector™

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