Better care through better connections

Your coaching and care teams operate at a high standard. At the same time, they’re constrained by finite capacity and the challenge of matching member outreach precisely with member readiness to engage. Vitality’s Care Connector™ pairs with the wellbeing platform to act as an extension of your coaches and care teams, scaling their reach and amplifying their impact.

The result? Engagement where it matters most — at the intersection of wellbeing and care.


Vitality’s Care Connector is a fully integrated complement to the wellbeing platform. Your coaches gain insight into members’ health risk status, overall progress and readiness to change. And they can use the platform to take action in offering members even more personalized and meaningful opportunities to engage in their health and wellbeing.


Members benefit from an integrated experience, with helpful prompts guiding them towards personalized and progress-based care activities. With the available platform tools, interactions between the care team and members become more productive, with clear calls to action and reinforcement of program activities that help members stay on track with their healthcare journey.


Vitality’s Care Connector leverages our wellbeing program’s science-backed incentives to motivate members by rewarding them for engaging in activities assigned by their care team. Members enjoy a seamless experience, whether participating in care-related or other program activities.

Ongoing strategic support

Vitality’s strategic support team is hands-on from the outset, guiding your teams to implement the Care Connector and providing strong onboarding support and training. Our team invests time and energy in building relationships with your teams

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