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The Third Annual Global Vitality Conference

By Tonja Dodd
Healthy futures graphic for Global Vitality Conference - Vitality

While previous global conferences have taken place in Johannesburg and London, the third annual Global Vitality Conference (GVC) was hosted virtually. Barry Swartzberg, Chief Executive Officer of Vitality Group, led the program facilitated by Sizwe Nxumalo, Vice President of Strategy at Vitality Group. The GVC was preceded by the Vitality Healthy Futures research launch which showcased a pioneering algorithm developed by Vitality and RAND Europe to help people understand how lifestyle choices impact both the length and quality of life and along with recommendations to improve these measures.

While the Healthy Futures research launch provided excitement for the future, the GVC showcased both the success of the Global Vitality Network and the positive impact of the Shared-Value model. Additionally, forward-thinking precepts were shared touching on subjects like the application of Healthy Futures, the next frontier of personalization, data-driven innovation, and the future of work.

To start, Swartzberg presented the Vitality Network Effect. His presentation highlighted the impact of the GVN which currently reaches 31 global markets and over 20 million lives. He also discussed why the Shared-Value Insurance is at the forefront of current trends and how the network is enabling dominance in this space. Barry primed attendees for the upcoming day’s four themes:

  • A Tireless focus on the customer
  • Distribution as the cornerstone of shared value insurance
  • How the insurer is powered by data and innovation
  • Engaging employers and employees to build healthier, happier societies.

Presenters from network members including Portugal’s Multicare Vitality, the Netherlands a.s.r,|Vitality, Ecuador’s Saludsa Vitality, and Equivida | Vitality discussed creative and effective strategies they’ve used to engage the customers through their respective campaigns and initiatives. As a follow-up, leaders at Vitality Group discussed the next frontier of personalization and how VG is enhancing the app to deliver an empowering digital experience, expanding into a broader range of healthy behaviors and is building an ecosystem centered around Vitality customers.

Future and current successful distribution models were presented by Vitality United Kingdom and Japan’s Vitality Sumitomo Life, followed up by VG leadership to discuss opportunities for markets to network and enhance distribution.

To kick off the data and innovation theme, leaders from AIA Group of Asia and Ping An in China each presented on how Vitality is a differentiator in their market and how they have evolved the program. Vitality Group leaders followed up with how data drives the shared value model.

Prudential Wellcorp of Argentina and Prudential of Brazil closed out the network member presentations discussing engaging employers and employees to build healthier, happier societies, while Vitality Group and Accenture speakers shared thoughts on the future of work. To close out the day, Andre Nepgen, Head of GVN, provided direction on the application of the Healthy Futures calculator. while Shaun Matisonn, Head of International Markets at VG, spoke further about the power of the Vitality network.

Tonja Dodd, MPH, is a Senior Health Strategy Analyst at Vitality Group where she translates clinical guidelines into risk appropriate health promotion strategies to engage members in healthy behaviors. Her background is in health education and promotion with 25 years of experience designing, developing and delivering health and wellness programs and products. Tonja finds her healthy place is being active outdoors and spending time with family, friends and pets.

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