Report workforce health data, to benefit workers, companies and investors

August 19, 2014 Washington Post

By Derek Yach

How would you react if your boss asked for your blood pressure? What about your smoking habits?   Or your Body Mass Index? What if everyone in your workplace was asked to report his or her health metrics – privately and confidentially – as part of an effort to make you and your co-workers healthier?

Too many Americans are dying prematurely from preventable heart disease, diabetes, cancers and lung diseases. Risky behaviors such as tobacco use, unhealthful diets and physical inactivity are common. The workplace, a structured environment where working Americans spend a good portion of their lives, is the ideal site to influence change and teach healthy habits.

What is not measured is often ignored. That’s why companies must collect and publicly report the health metrics of their workforces.

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Image Source: Washington Post

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