HealthFitness and Vitality Group Announce Partnership


Global health and wellness company Vitality Group and HealthFitness, a leading provider of corporate fitness center management, injury prevention and treatment and wellness services have entered into a strategic partnership to inspire healthy changes in individuals and organizations. HealthFitness has begun offering Vitality’s behavior change platform to its clients, allowing Vitality the opportunity to reach more than 1 million additional participants. Additionally, Vitality will offer HealthFitness’ on-site and people-based services to its employer and agency clients.

“Now more than ever, employers are seeing how critical the health of their people is to the health of their business,” said Vitality USA CEO Tal Gilbert. “We’re helping our clients by motivating their people to stay active, eat well and remain mentally strong and resilient. Through our partnership, HealthFitness clients and their members will benefit from a scientifically-validated solution that uses behavioral economics to support, guide and incentivize positive lifestyle behavior change. And our clients will gain access to skilled HealthFitness professionals who offer personalized support.”

Built on more than 20 years of experience helping 16 million participants worldwide attain better health, Vitality’s solution is used by more than 600 clients and over 1 million participants in the United States alone. Vitality’s platform offers configurable rewards, on-demand reporting, a mobile app, gym geo-tracker, comprehensive device integration and an evolving news feed. Combined with HealthFitness’ coaching, fitness and injury prevention and treatment solutions, both onsite and virtual, the collaboration is well-suited for the current global crisis and post-COVID-19 world, as so many continue to work from home.

Personalized and Dynamic Health Goals

As part of the Vitality program, participants receive personalized and dynamic health goals, as well as recommendations and resources specific to their needs. They can easily log their activities using online and mobile tools, which are integrated with personal health technology. Participants accumulate Vitality Points when they complete health-related activities like exercising, participating in digital and live coaching, and getting an annual health screening or even a flu shot. The number of Vitality Points a member earns over the course of a year determines their program status level. The healthier their lifestyle, the more points they can accumulate to earn valuable rewards and discounts. The integration between the Vitality and HealthFitness offerings is seamless for the participant, making it easy for them to interact while inspiring them and keeping them accountable every step of the way, transforming the way wellbeing services are delivered.


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