Apple Watch Incentives Program gets Least Active People Doubling their Step Activity


Initial research around Vitality Group’s program to promote physical activity and better health for members through the Apple Watch finds the initiative is effective in getting people to be more active.

“Not only did we see success in getting people of all levels more active as a result of our program, there has also been sustained activity for several months,” said Tal Gilbert, Vitality USA CEO. “Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch is not simply a benefit for those who are already athletic, but acts as a powerful engagement tool for less active populations which is generally the greatest challenge for employers.”

The program kicked off in the United States last year with employers such as Amgen, DaVita HealthCare Partners, and Lockton, and policyholders for John Hancock. Given the program effectiveness, it will now be made available to Vitality mid-market clients (employers with less than 1,501 employees).

“We are excited to offer Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch to our mid-market groups,” said Bill Hallberg, Managing Director, Vitality Agency. “Employers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to push employee engagement in physical activity to the next level. The program’s initial track record of success demonstrates it will motivate and reward Vitality members of all backgrounds to get active.”

A study of initial members participating in the program over the last year found:

  • Regardless of a member’s risk profile, all individuals increased their workouts, average step counts, and tracking rates following the adoption of the Apple Watch.
  • The number of physical activities per week increased by 38% following the introduction of the benefit and 71% of members tracked their activity at least six days per week.
  • Individuals who previously recorded low levels of activity exhibited an increase of 106% for standard or advanced workouts.

“We’ve worked with Vitality for five years and the impact this program is having on engagement is impressive,” said Dave Drap, President, WellnessIQ. “While large employers have benefitted from the use of this technology in their programs, employees from mid-size organizations can now be incented to take a more active role in improving their health.”

Through this program, Vitality members earn rewards for getting active. If members earn enough points for workouts, they can reduce their monthly payment for the Apple Watch or even pay nothing.

Additional details on the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch program can be found here.


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