Active Rewards with Apple Watch

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Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch motivates and rewards members to get active and ties seamlessly into the overall goals and mission of the Vitality program: to foster health improvement and help people lead healthier lives.

How It Works

Vitality Active Rewards gives Vitality members rewards for getting active. Now, members can get a new Apple Watch and use it to achieve their Vitality Active Rewards targets. If members earn enough Vitality Points for Standard or Advanced Workouts, they can reduce their monthly payment or even pay nothing.

Get Apple Watch

Members can order an Apple Watch for an initial activation fee plus tax. The amount they pay for their Apple Watch thereafter is based on the number of workouts they complete in a calendar month.

Get Active

Apple Watch will help members achieve their weekly Vitality Active Rewards targets by measuring daily activity, allowing them to earn Vitality Points on the Vitality Today app. An iPhone 5 or later is required for the Apple Watch.

Get Rewarded

Members earn points for workouts to receive weekly rewards and fund their Apple Watch.

Participate more, pay less

Vitality members earn points for Standard or Advanced Workouts to reduce their monthly payment or pay nothing.

Vitality shares our conviction that being active has a powerful impact on people’s lives, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them on this initiative.”
— Jeff Williams, COO, Apple Inc.

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How It Works

Vitality’s unique Active Rewards with Apple Watch program helps Vitality members be motivated and encouraged to get more active, achieve their health goals and earn savings on their Apple Watch.

Innovative motivation

Immediate weekly rewards reinforce positive behavior with three simple steps.

Activate Weekly Points Target

Members navigate to Rewards, tap on Vitality Active Rewards, and follow the prompts to get started.

Work out and Reach Target

Members receive a new points target every Monday. They complete Standard or Advanced Workouts to reach their Weekly Points Target.

Spin the Vitality Wheel

For each week that they meet their target, members will receive a spin on the wheel for a chance to win points or a gift card.

Employees at a handful of companies will soon get a sweet deal: an Apple Watch for just $25.”
— Wall Street Journal

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