Vitality Elevate

An elevated approach to health

A proven solution for employers looking to engage a traditional workforce

Vitality Elevate provides members the freedom to choose their health journey. Built on a fun and engaging platform, the program elevates the health of your people and your organization.

Elevate your Workforce

Vitality Elevate Difference

Clearly understand health status

Robust offering for members to choose from

Validated program

Incentive design drives sustained engagement

What does this mean for your people?

A unique health profile that provides a clear view of members health and provides suggestions for improvement.

A robust offering is available for members to choose activities they want, when they want them.

Everything in the program is validated - whether from Vitality or our ecosystem of partners.

An incentive design that offers instant gratification while sustaining long-term engagement.

Register and enroll

Members' onboarding experience begins with easy registration on the desktop or mobile app.

Contextualize health status

Members complete our proprietary Health Risk Assessment and receive their clinical age to provide a clear and critical view into their health status.

Build personal pathway

While the program guides members toward activities that will benefit them most, they can choose to engage in what they want when they want it.

Get nudged

Vitality is with members every step of the way, providing nudges through email and push messages to encourage deeper engagement in the program.

Earn points to reach status

Members earn Vitality Points for each activity they complete, which accumulate to higher Vitality Status - an aspirational tool for members and an engagement metric for employers.

Get rewarded

Vitality Points immediately convert to Vitality Bucks that can be redeemed on our online shopping site, providing instant gratification and motivating long-term engagement.

A track record of success

  • Baylor saved $1.4M in claims by highly engaged members in Program Year 4 - resulting in an ROI of
  • Baylor saw an improvement in risk for highly engaged members of
  • Over three years, Ericsson participants recorded medical and prescription costs that were lower than non-participants, on average, by

Two Vitality clients win the prestigious KOOP Award

Not one, but two Vitality clients-Baylor College of Medicine and Ericsson-have each won the 2019 C. Everett Koop National Health Award. As we continue to strive to improve the health of our clients across the globe, the consistent recognition of our clients is proof that the program is effectively helping companies reduce costs and improve their employees' health.

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