Introducing Vitality One

A new spin on health

A mobile first solution for employers looking to engage an on-the-go workforce.

Vitality One provides a personalized wellness journey that supports individuals across the health spectrum. Vitality One takes a bite-size approach to habit formation by rewarding members for completing weekly goals that – over time – add up to sustainable, long-term behavior change.


Vitality One Difference

Total well-being

Focused approach to habit formation

Broad ecosystem of partners

Incentives designed to sustain engagement

What does this mean for your people?

A dynamic algorithm powers your members' experiences by tailoring the program to their unique needs and offering interventions where they are needed most.

The program delivers weekly goals designed to meet members where they are and nudge them for more using timely communications to ensure their goals are always top of mind.

Vitality One makes it easy for members to stay connected to additional resources offered by their employer, from company initiatives like a 5K to third party vendors.

When members meet their weekly goals, they earn a spin on the Vitality Wheel where they always win.

Member downloads app

Email alerts member about their eligibility and prompts them to download and register for Vitality One.

Personalizes experience

A short assessment ensures the program understands each member's goals and health status from day one.

Gets weekly goals

Each week the member is provided a dynamic physical activity and lifestyle goal that adjusts over time based on engagement.

Gets nudged

The program provides push messages that keep member's goals top of mind.

Earns wheel spins

Each goal achievement receives recognition with a spin on the Vitality Wheel, where the member always wins coins or a gift card.

Gets rewarded

The design keeps members coming back each week for the chance to get closer to the gift cards waiting for them on the wheel.

Bringing Vitality One to BIWORLDWIDE Customers

In addition to our standard Vitality One offering, we have also developed a version of Vitality One for BI WORLDWIDE customers where activities completed in Vitality One earn rewards directly within the BI WORLDWIDE platform. Using seamless API and SSO integrations, this offering merges employee health with recognition and rewards to drive behavior change.

Start seeing real results with a program that works.

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