Powering Behavior Change

Inspiring people to do better every day

 The path toward better health can be overwhelming.

But it’s not one action that determines who we are. Instead, it’s the little choices we make every day, like choosing coffee over putting money aside for a rainy day.


Imagine there was a tool that could nudge and reward you for making the healthy choice.



A new spin on health

Behavior change platform that makes the healthy choice the easy choice

Vitality One provides a personalized wellness journey that supports individuals across the health spectrum. Vitality One takes a bite-size approach to habit formation by rewarding members for completing weekly goals that – over time – add up to sustainable, long-term behavior change.

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Vitality One Difference

A program for everyone

Making healthy habits second nature

Focusing on what’s important to you

Incentives designed to sustain engagement

What does this mean for your people?

A dynamic algorithm powers your members' experiences by tailoring the program to their unique needs and offering interventions where they are needed most.

The program delivers weekly goals designed to meet members where they are and nudge them for more using timely communications to ensure their goals are always top of mind.

Vitality One makes it easy for members to stay connected to additional resources offered by their employer, from company initiatives like a 5K to third party vendors.

When members meet their weekly goals, they earn a spin on the Vitality Wheel where they always win.


We designed the program so that you don’t need to do any heavy lifting, freeing you up to focus on what matters most: your people.

Start seeing real results with a program that works.

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