Guided by a core purpose of making people healthier, we reward people for making healthy choices today in order to help them stick with their goals for the long run.

Why We're Different

With more than 25 years of experience helping more than 27 million members, we’ve learned what healthy takes.

  • 27M+
  • 37
  • 150+

Data-driven personalization

When it comes to health, one size doesn't fit all. Our products use powerful data to deliver tailored content, experiences and incentives to individuals across the health spectrum—from those living a healthy lifestyle to those requiring support for chronic conditions.

Fun and Sophisticated Incentives

Healthy is easier when it's fun. We use the latest in behavioral economics to provide a unique, gamified approach that rewards individuals for healthy behaviors, gets them hooked and keeps them coming back for more.

Unique Partnerships

We recognize that health is a team effort, so we leverage our unique partnerships with world-class brands like Apple and Aetna to connect members to the health solutions that will have the most positive impact on their health.

Strategic Support

When you make an investment in a wellness program, you deserve to be confident that you're getting a return. We measure everything and provide you with continuous tracking and feedback, along with best-in-class client and member support. Our Net Promoter Score has reached 60, while the industry average is -51.

Proven Results

No competitor can come close to matching Vitality’s health and wellness expertise. Built by a health insurer, we have developed an approach that actually works for employers and health plans, meaningfully engaging members in a program they enjoy while controlling medical costs. Creating healthy habits is a big job – let us help.

  • Lower claims for highly engaged members
    15 - 19.5%
  • Member say Vitality improves their workplace culture
  • Members feel the program has helped improve aspects of their health and well-being
Vitality members are more likely to take up and stick with physical activity. Engaged members also go to the hospital 7.5 percent less often and for markedly shorter periods, too.”

Continued Innovation

Our recommendations aren’t based on guesses or patterned after other programs. More than 220 million months of global member data collected over the past 20 years have shaped our programs, and collaborations with trusted healthcare and technology leaders are shaping the policies and programs of the future.

Our Team


Vitality Group USA

Maia Surmava
Chief Executive Officer
Tanya Little
Chief Commercial Officer
Sean Katz
Chief Information Officer
Quentin Pelser
Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Dunphy
Chief Operating Officer
Lori Serradas
Vice President of Product Development and Data
Kristen Montplaisir
Head of National Sales
and Distribution
Daniella Freinkel
Head of People
Kevin Kilmartin
Vice President of Marketing


Vitality Health International

Dr. Jonathan Broomberg
Chief Executive Officer and
Global Head of Health Insurance
Dr. Thato Thale
Chief of Staff
Medical Doctor
Shilpa Agarwal
Head of Health IP
Sales and Marketing
Tal Gilbert
Executive Officer

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