Yearlong Campaign Encourages Healthy Activities and Boosts Engagement


Vitality’s latest approach to help our members adopt healthy behaviors is off to a great start. Our series of four campaigns running throughout the year, cover several health topics and are designed to be educational, fun and easy for participants to join at any time – members are encouraged to opt in to receive regular, weekly emails of information and inspiration focused on their health. The emails also provide tips on engaging in Vitality activities such as participating in a Health FYI webcast, or joining in the conversation on social media which count as entries for a prize drawing at the end of eight weeks.  The premise of the campaign was proven – when you give people new experiences and opportunities – the more interesting and fun they are, the more likely they are to catch on and share with others.

Over 15,000 Vitality members participated in our first quarter Healthy Weight for a Healthier You campaign that focused on simple, everyday choices to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Registrations increased each week and ultimately there were over 32,000 contest entries. But more importantly, through a concluding survey: more than 61 percent said the campaign helped them progress in their weight management efforts.

Making it social

In addition to the inclusion of an appropriate incentive (a Fitbit prize package), a key component to the successful engagement was the networking environment available through Vitality’s social media channels. Positive social interactions that allowed members to exchange information and encouragement took hold.  In particular, the Facebook community of Vitality members burgeoned through thousands of likes, comments and shares– with some posts receiving up to 75 comments.

Building the momentum

With more campaigns focused on heart health, family and mental health scheduled throughout the year, we are encouraged that more than 99 percent of members said they would participate in future campaigns.  This structured calendar is also a benefit to Vitality clients. The campaign health information provides more opportunities for employers to schedule their own workplace activities based on the scheduled topics and more options to encourage program participation.

Based on researched methods of behavioral economics and motivational communication, these new campaigns demonstrate Vitality’s commitment to increasing member engagement and promoting healthier lifestyles.

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