What’s Your Vitality Age?


Over the last few days you may have seen a flurry of posts from friends on social media using Microsoft’s How-Old.net, an application that analyzed their photos to predict their age. The results are based on face-detection and the inaccuracy is causing quite a few chuckles.

As this goes viral, we hope it will lead to a more serious discussion on the importance of your “age” based on health and lifestyle factors, not how you look in photos.

We call this your Vitality Age, an easy way to help you understand more about your overall health. Our calculator provides a risk-based age relative to a variety of health factors . The algorithm takes into account details such as your weight, the amount and intensity of exercise, cholesterol, eating habits, levels of happiness and alcohol consumption.

Given that the average American is actually five years older than their real age, as a nation we’ve got room for improvement. The good news is that progress can be made by making small changes to diet and lifestyle.

We challenge you to find out your Vitality Age. Access the calculator here and feel free to share the results by using #vitalityage.


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