Wellness is Worth the Hype

By Keith Karem

If you were able to join our webinar on Friday, March 17, you heard Michael O’Donnell, CEO, Art and Science of Health Promotion Institute and Vitality CEO Tal Gilbert answer the question:

Workplace Wellness: Boom, bubble or bust?

To answer the question, what are we really talking about?

As Michael stated in his presentation, health promotion IS the best thing since sliced bread.  A program that is well designed – one with the right incentives, that is well communicated and supported in an organization, and that has a focus on impacting risk over time – is one that shows a true commitment to improving employee wellness and one that will lead to a better culture of health within your organization.

As individuals, we all know that staying healthy is something that we need to prioritize every day, with the ultimate benefits often emerging over a long period of time. With everything we have going on in our lives, it’s not always that easy to eat well, keep active, and get enough sleep and relaxation.   And as Tal showed us, it’s tough not to be tempted by the quick fixes of weight-loss fads or the latest exercise gadget that promises to guarantee you a perfect body without leaving your living room.

Similarly, making an organization and its people healthy is not something that happens overnight. It requires commitment and thoughtful decision-making at the outset, and then an ongoing focus throughout the journey.  While some of what is out there has definitely been overhyped, it’s essential that we continue to focus on what works.

Vitality believes it has the opportunity, or more importantly, the responsibility to transform health at work. We take our mission seriously: make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. We fundamentally believe that focusing on what works in workplace health promotion can create real behavior change that will truly improve people’s health and add value to society.

So, what’s in store for Vitality and wellness in 2017 and beyond? We’re applying our methodology to new categories such as a healthy mind and financial well-being.

Throughout the year, Vitality will join industry leaders to share insights on these topics in a series of special webinars. Afterward, we’ll be unpacking the content even further here.

We hope you’ll join us.

Keith Karem, Vice President of Marketing – Crossing the 10,000-step threshold daily by chasing after two rambunctious toddlers and navigating the neighborhoods of Chicago with my family.

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