Wellness best practices from across the pond

By Derek Yach

Last weekend the results for Britain’s Healthiest Company were published in a special supplement in The Daily Telegraph, the UK’s largest daily publication. A joint initiative of PruHealth, The Daily Telegraph, and Mercer, this collaboration brings a unique perspective to the evaluation and measurement of corporate health and the development of employee wellness solutions.

Quintiles (for Healthiest Company with 1,000-plus employees) and Adidas (for Healthiest Company with less than 1,000 employees) were recognized for their outstanding approaches to employee health and well-being.

This contest— from across the pond— illustrates how wellness is not just a local issue, but a global issue.

Britain’s Healthiest Company awards, and the accompanying articles, share best practices, the importance of health promotion and prevention within the context of the workplace, and the resulting benefit of increased productivity resulting from a healthy and productive workforce.

This is the type of effort The Vitality Institute is committed to pursuing. For more information, see video of Katie Tryon discussing the report and risk factors here

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