Vitality’s New Program Offering, Activate, Is Designed for Employers to Get Wellness Up and Running


Vitality’s role as a dedicated partner with employers, serves to ensure that implementing and promoting an effective wellness initiative is structured effectively to educate, assist and motivate employees.

That’s a key reason why we are introducing two distinct product offerings: Activate and Elevate. The Activate level introduces the Vitality experience with a comprehensive program designed to activate wellness in the workplace.

Vitality biometric data from across employer industries and cultures shows that the top risk factor for employees is high body mass index. As a participatory approach to wellness, the Activate program can help to streamline access to healthy habits and exercise options for employees to address this and other risk factors due to unhealthy lifestyles. Members are engaged through an integrated platform of verifiable activities and access to a large wellness network to help them reach their individualized goals.

Elevate then takes all of the features at the Activate level and adds a number of premium engagement features to take wellness to the next level. This includes additional assessments and program benefits, such as Vitality HealthyFoodTM, as well as a structure for multiple reward types based on member outcomes.

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