Vitality Walks the Walk … and Not Just to Be Active!

By Jonathan Dugas

The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces recently hosted the 4th Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit on June 7 at American University in Washington, DC. Dr. Derek Yach, Vitality’s Chief Health Officer, was slated to present the keynote – but that’s not the only reason we were psyched to attend. Months earlier we applied for their Global Healthiest Workplace Award for Small and Medium-size Enterprises. As we assembled our application, we felt confident. Office environment that helped promote health with items like sit to stand work stations? Check. Free access to an on-site gym? Check. Access to healthy food and fruit at work? Check. Policies that aimed to benefit employees’ health and well-being? Check. A population engaged in its own health and well-being program? In our most recent program year, 77% of Vitality’s full-time employees achieved Gold or Platinum Vitality Status. Check, check, and check!

The judges were experienced and knowledgeable experts in workplace health, and we knew they would thoroughly review our application and finalist presentation. Our fellow finalists, the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, presented a real grass-roots program that demonstrated a strong commitment to building employee health via a close working community. Needless to say, we did not envy the judges who had to decide upon a winner!

When it was time to announce the winners, we waited on the edges of our seats … WE WON! It was a proud moment reflecting all of the effort and thought that goes into what we do at Vitality. As we work with clients to help them produce award-winning workplace health promotion programs, we strive to live the brand back at our company’s headquarters in Chicago. Being acknowledged as one of the healthiest places to work is truly an honor! And with the other winners – Monash University (Large-enterprise category) and Unilever UK/Netherlands (Multinational category) – we are in very good company.

Organizations like The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces are demonstrating true thought leadership when it comes to promoting workplace health. Overall, the summit was an enriching experience for all of the attendees, from the morning sessions covering global trends in workplace health to listening to the other finalists. We are so proud to be winners of this award, and wear the mantle with pride and enthusiasm as we continue to build a working community dedicated to health.

How does your organization promote a healthy workplace? We would love to hear from you! Tweet at us @VitalityUSA.

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