Vitality Pulse Insights: Assessing the Vitality of Workplaces in a Time of Crisis

Woman walking a city crosswalk in the cold talking on cell phone - Vitality

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented global health and economic crisis. Its impact extends from individual lives to nation states around the world. Not only has the uncertainty associated with the crisis led to a general global angst, but it has forced the adoption of wholly new work modalities for individuals and organizations. With many countries around the world adopting strict stay-at-home orders, individuals are having to remain productive while juggling work and life priorities.

Vitality knows that organizational health and productivity is a function of the mental and physical health of a company’s people. As communities in their own right, organizations play a critical role in understanding how their people are coping and, in so doing, providing their people with the necessary tools to empower them to maintain their health and productivity during an immensely challenging time.

To facilitate this, Vitality is leveraging its US Corporate news feed functionality to pulse timely surveys to its members. The ongoing surveys remain a critical channel to measure staff sentiment and adapt to changing circumstances in a proactive manner. Insights from these surveys, based on over 90,000 responses and counting, empowers organizations to keep their people close even though we may be apart.

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