Vitality is proud to partner with Zwift

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Vitality, the largest global platform for behavior change is proud to partner with Zwift the multiplayer online cycling and running physical training program.

Fitness travel is a perk of getting physically active, and one that has been missed in a pandemic world. With technology, however, there are virtual options which tick the right boxes -flatland loops through France or the United Kingdom from anywhere in the world, or mythical lands like the oceanic Watopia and the forests of Yumezi.

Zwift enables users to interact, train and compete in a number of virtual worlds with varied terrains.

Vitality’s partnership with Zwift cements Vitality’s approach to health improvement by creating interventions that change people’s behavior for the better. Vitality has committed to helping people become more active and Zwift enables this in a fun, interactive manner, underpinned by the latest technology. We believe the impact will be substantial and far-reaching by connecting our communities.”

Vitality members on the Zwift platform can now train at home by combining their outdoor bike with an indoor trainer (which converts their bike into a stationary bike), then amplify the value of the workout by logging the Zwift ride with Vitality.

Vitality and Zwift work together toward behavior change

Combining behavioral economics, clinical science, and financial incentives, Vitality encourages and rewards members for taking steps to improve their health. The movement towards fitness with Zwift is part of the commitment from Vitality and its global insurance network to help encourage 100 million people to be 20% more physically active by 2025.

Interestingly, in the context of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Zwift allows Vitality members to train safely at home, riding, running and training with communities. This will now include more than 20 million global Vitality members in more than 30 markets to level up in the virtual worlds of Zwift with a community that motivates them every minute.

One of the additional benefits of the partnership is that members can participate in the Vitality for UNICEF Ride Series with Zwift and complete a virtual ride event to vaccinate a child against Polio, aligned to Vitality’s existing partnership with UNICEF.

  • The Vitality for UNICEF Ride Series – powered by Zwift runs from 23 August to 6 September 2021.
Route details
23 – 25 August 26 – 28 August 29 – 31 August 1 – 3 September 4 – 6 September
World: Watopia
Route: Watopia Waistband
Laps: 1
Distance: 15.8 mi // 25.5 km
Elevation: 311 ft // 95 m
World: Yumezi
Route: Flatland Loop
Laps: 2
Distance: 16 mi // 26 km
Elevation: 656 ft // 200 m
World: London
Route: Greater London Flat
Laps: 2
Distance: 14.4 mi // 23.2 km
Elevation: 292 ft // 90 m
World: France
Route: RGV
Laps: 1
Total Distance: 14.9 mi // 24.1 km
Elevation: 354 ft // 108 m
World: Watopia
Route: Tick Tock
Laps: 2
Total Distance: 20.8 mi // 33.6 km
Elevation: 288 ft // 88 m

Want to give it a try first? Download Zwift and start with a 7-day free trial and ride.

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