Vitality on Fortune’s first “Changing the World” list


At Vitality, we view our efforts to improve workforce health as more than just a job, but a calling. And we’re proud when our hard work is validated such as being selected for Fortune’s inaugural “Change the World” list – 51 companies “that have made a sizable impact on major global social or environmental problems as part of their competitive strategy.”

We’re honored to see Vitality at #17 as the only insurer/wellness program on the list among a roster of impressive organizations including Facebook, IBM, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Twitter, Patagonia, Kickstarter and Fitbit.

Fortune’s description of Vitality:

South Africa’s Discovery has a hit with Vitality, a behavior-tracking program that rewards clients’ healthy habits, even paying their gym memberships. Independent studies show that Vitality members are more likely to take up and stick with physical activity; engaged members also go to the hospital 7.5% less often, and for markedly shorter periods too. This is also good business: Discovery’s annual operating profits have reached $500 million, and new Vitality insurance partners include John Hancock, Generali in Europe, and Ping An in China.

Fortune’s stated goal with the new list is to: “shine a spotlight on companies that have made significant progress in addressing major social problems as part of their core business strategy. It is based on our belief that capitalism should be not just tolerated but celebrated for its power to do good. At a time when governments are flailing, its powers are needed more than ever.”

To assemble the list, the editors of Fortune and FSG, a nonprofit social-impact consulting firm, reached out to dozens of business, academic, and nonprofit experts around the world, asking for their recommendations. Fortune and a joint team from FSG and the Shared Value Initiative then vetted more than 200 nominees.

A team of journalists from Fortune then further vetted each of the nominees and reported on their impact. The final list of 51 was selected and ranked by the editors of Fortune based on the magazine’s own reporting and by the analysis provided.

The article – which will be available in the September print edition of Fortune– is currently available online. You can also watch this video to learn more.

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