Vitality Motivates Members to Get More Active with Apple Watch


Vitality today announces an exciting new program to promote physical activity and better health for its members. U.S. Vitality members from Amgen, DaVita HealthCare Partners, and Lockton in addition to John Hancock policyholders, will have the opportunity to earn an Apple Watch simply by being more active. Supported by powerful early data on the effectiveness of Apple Watch, this brings together the world’s largest scientific incentive-based activity and health program, Vitality, with Apple’s groundbreaking health and fitness companion, Apple Watch.

The program uses Vitality’s unique Active Rewards with Apple Watch to:

  • help Vitality members be motivated and encouraged to get more active,
  • achieve their health goals,
  • earn their Apple Watch, and
  • enable a lower rate on life and/or medical insurance.

“Apple Watch will motivate and reward Vitality members to get active,” said Alan Pollard, CEO of The Vitality Group.  “Apple Watch ties seamlessly into the overall goals and mission of Vitality to foster health improvement and help people lead healthier lives.”

Vitality Active Rewards is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Watch. Vitality members will be able to fully fund their Apple Watch by meeting monthly Vitality Active Rewards targets  that are achievable over 24 months.

“Vitality shares our conviction that being active has a powerful impact on people’s lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are thrilled that Apple Watch will be helping Vitality members live a healthier day by being more active.”

Emerging data shows effectiveness of program

17,000 participants are already using Apple Watch in South Africa through Discovery, Vitality’s parent company. Early data from South Africa shows:

  • Vitality members using Apple Watch are more physically active than Vitality participants using any other fitness devices.
  • Vitality members of every age, with varying prior levels of activity, smoking status and chronic illness, engaging in the program have all increased physical activity:
    • Vitality members using Apple Watch increased their average weekly physical activity by 96% after joining Vitality Active Rewards.

Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, DaVita HealthCare Partners, a leading independent medical group in America and leading global provider of kidney care, and Lockton, the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance  brokerage firm, are among the pioneering employers making this program available in North America for their employees. This program will also be available to consumers later this year through the John Hancock Vitality program – a life insurance solution that rewards people for living healthy. When it is launched, all existing John Hancock Vitality members and new customers, will have the opportunity to enter into the Apple Watch program.

“Amgen is committed to the health and well-being of its staff members,” said Stuart Tross, senior vice president, Human Resource, Amgen. “The enhancement of Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch means our employees will reap even greater benefits of making healthy choices.”

“We are proud to be the first company in the U.S. to link life insurance with personalized health technology.  And with Apple Watch, our policyholders can automatically monitor their progress toward living longer, healthier lives,” said Michael Doughty, president, John Hancock Insurance. “John Hancock is changing the conversation around life insurance, making life insurance relevant for new generations of consumers.”

About Vitality

The Vitality Group is a member of Discovery Ltd., a global financial services organization offering an incentive-based wellness program to employers as part of their benefits program. With a foundation based on actuarial science and behavioral economic theory, Vitality encourages changes in lifestyle that reduce health care costs, both in the short run and long term, by rewarding members for addressing their specific health issues. Vitality wellness programs serve companies in a wide range of sizes and industries, improving individuals’ health and well-being as well as employers’ bottom lines.

Vitality brings a global perspective through successful partnerships with large employers and best-in- class insurers around the world, in countries including the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, China, Singapore and Australia. Follow on Twitter:

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