Vitality Introduces New Approach to Life Insurance with John Hancock Partnership


Vitality and U.S. life insurer John Hancock have entered into an exclusive partnership to integrate life insurance with Vitality’s healthy living program for U.S. consumers. John Hancock is the first life insurer in the U.S. to link its products with Vitality.

The new products available from John Hancock Vitality seamlessly merge Americans’ love for healthy living and their desires to protect their families, with the latest technological advancements and behavioral economics to drive positive outcomes.

The John Hancock Vitality Program was announced on April 8. To support the announcement, a John Hancock Vitality Village was set up at New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Passersby could stop and learn about the new products, experience some of the health benefits and rewards, to receive workout tips and nutritional information and find out their Vitality Age. The launch was underpinned with John Hancock Vitality’s main campaign #5MoreNow. John Hancock Vitality teamed up with U.S. actor Chris O’Donnell to launch the campaign, showing everyone how they could work on getting 5 more minutes, 5 more hours, even 5 more days, though health and wellness. As a father of 5, Chris talked about the importance of staying in shape both mentally and physically.

To learn more about the program visit:

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