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The rise of preventable chronic conditions is a worldwide crisis with tremendous costs not only to health but also to workforce productivity. Yet, as the word “preventable” suggests, there is hope.

A recent study from Imperial College London1 showed that reducing the prevalence of just six risk factors, such as smoking tobacco and obesity, could result in delaying or preventing more than 37 million deaths – 16 million in the working-age global population.

Multinational corporations looking to address health risk management can start by motivating their employees in all locations to realize that their health does matter. Going global with a wellness strategy not only means promoting healthier behaviors but establishing a complete culture of health.

The VitalityTM wellness program is at work around the world with more than six million active members on five continents. With this global reach comes a deep understanding of the solutions needed to remove barriers to health improvement from the varying nuances, objectives, measurements and data across cultures.

The Vitality GlobalTM program developed specifically for multinationals is designed to implement health promotion in a timely manner. It integrates a centralized wellness strategy with support for localized participation. Dedicated account support is based in the United States and the employee wellness portal is available in six languages: English (UK), French, French Canadian, German, Universal Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Vitality StatusÒ, our comprehensive engagement metric, is a particularly effective tool for multinationals to use in implementing incentives and rewards that are culturally appropriate to their local corporate offices. This regional flexibility also extends to their ability to integrate activities from local vendors and on-site wellness events.

Additional features of the Vitality Global program include a series of unique health assessments with the choice of unit of measure, fitness device and mobile app integration, and reporting with comparative data to help focus interventions at the corporate and local levels.

The centralized Vitality approach to global employee wellness serves not only to provide consistency and cost-effectiveness for corporate headquarters, it reinforces employee health as a desirable corporate asset for an organization’s entire workforce.


  1. Atun R “Decisive action to end apathy and achieve 25×25 NCD targets” Lancet 2014; DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(14)60616-4.

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