Three Major Studies Confirm, Wellness is a Strategic Priority


Proof of the positive impact of workplace wellness programs continues to grow. Three recent and highly respected studies indicate that wellness has now become a strategic priority among American businesses.

The most recent Employer Health Benefits Survey results released by the
Kaiser Family Foundation (in coordination with the Health Research and
Education Trust) found that employers seem to be putting more stock in
employee wellness programs. Kaiser reports that 35 percent of employers
said such programs are effective at controlling costs, compared with 22
percent saying that about disease management and 20 percent about
consumer-driven health plan design.
“Health Care Changes Ahead,” the latest Towers Watson survey, shows that
corporations view wellness programs as a way to have a healthier
workforce that makes fewer demands upon employer-sponsored health
insurance. Wellness plans’ popularity was underscored when 70 percent
agreed they have “a stronger commitment… (to) wellness and health
management programs.”
The 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report, a broad and professionally diverse
survey, reveals growing investment in company wellness programs. The
main motivation: 61 percent of companies strongly or somewhat agree
that wellness programs can directly impact corporate profitability
(compared to just 50 percent in 2011). The study also demonstrates
interesting parallels between wellness programs and key performance
metrics. Employees at companies offering wellness programs are more
knowledgeable about their benefits and healthcare in general, are more
engaged in taking advantage of their benefits, have higher job (and
benefits) satisfaction, have more confidence in their employer’s ability to
educate them about changes due to healthcare reform and feel more
protected by their current insurance coverage.


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