The Vitality Institute Convenes Commission of Thought Leaders to Drive U.S. Health Care Policy


In keeping with its mission to share best practices and evidence-based solutions to improve health, The Vitality Institute, a global health think tank focused on reducing chronic disease risk, will convene its Commission at The New York Academy of Sciences on September 19. The Forum will examine the latest technologies and innovations to reduce risk associated with chronic disease as a result of poor diet, inactivity, tobacco use, poor adherence to medications and stress.

Led by newly appointed Commission Chair William B. Rosenzweig, managing partner at Physic Ventures, LP, The Vitality Institute Commission comprises prominent thinkers in health and business. Commissioners include Susan Dentzer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Ginny Ehrlich, Clinton Health Matters Initiative; Jeff Levi, Trust for America’s Health; Ellis Rubinstein, the New York Academy of Sciences; Dennis Schmuland, Microsoft; and Kevin Volpp, the University of Pennsylvania.

“We’re focused on the urgent goal of getting evidence-based prevention at the center of health care policies and actions in the U.S.,” said Rosenzweig. “In making available better evidence, influencing smarter laws and promoting higher levels of innovation, we believe we can amplify the many voices advocating for health and prevention in a way that will make a difference in improving U.S. health.”

The Vitality Institute was founded to advance knowledge, evidence, and understanding about the evolving science and art of health promotion and prevention in order to build healthier societies. The Institute Commissioners have been tasked to identify, test and define pathways to scale for a wide range of innovative ideas, products, services, as well as business and partnership models that will invigorate the imperative of health prevention and promotion. Its ultimate goal is to galvanize action to achieve a healthy public policy.

“There is strength in numbers,” said Derek Yach, SVP, The Vitality Group and Executive Director of the Vitality Institute. “By working with corporations, associations, federal, state, and local government to identify multi-stakeholder solutions we hope to address the issues facing our nation’s health in bold and transformative ways.”

For more information on the Forum, please contact Gillian Christie. For information about The Vitality Institute, visit To join the conversation on Twitter, follow The Vitality Institute @VitalityInst.

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