Team challenges help employees stick with the program

March 2, 2015

Self-expression, achievement, bragging rights and the desire to be at the top of your game are natural instincts at play in wellness programs. Employers looking to gain higher program participation and help their employees reach their health goals can leverage these feelings by promoting healthy, fun competition in the workplace.

As a driver for employee engagement, Vitality has implemented Vitality Challenges™, our “gamification” platform that taps into everyone’s competitive spirit. These team-based challenges serve as an igniter for participating in a wide range of verifiable and evidence-based activities designed for behavioral change during a challenge and beyond. Challenges on completing health assessments, counting steps walked or accumulating Vitality Points™ are just a few of those available for employees to accomplish. Behavioral economics form the foundation of the Vitality program which actively influences healthier behaviors over the long term.

With Vitality Challenges, employees can succeed through:

  • Engaging with teammates and other challenge participants through discussion walls and leaderboards
  • Sharing updates on their progress via customized social profiles
  • Interacting through a one-on-one messaging system

 Advantages for employers include the capability to activate multiple challenges with different participants and flexible rewards options across company locations. Challenge administration is aided by communication tools and access to the Vitality Information Portal™ with turnkey instructions and activity reports.

Few things motivate people like other motivated people. Adding social interaction and collaboration to health promotion through team challenges provides new ways to encourage employees to get – and stay – on the healthy habit bandwagon.

Start seeing real results with a program that works.

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