Surviving summer with your kids

By Kyra Watson

The weather outside is delightful. Although it seemed as if it would never arrive, summer is on the horizon. Summer means longer days, the heat, fantastic festivals, and of course, summer break for most students to enjoy all kinds of great activities. If you are unable to register your kids for camp, and want to keep your children engaged this summer, here are five ways to help you survive the “summer time slip” and keep your kids learning and burning calories.

  1. Museums, zoos, and aquariums – These are great places to visit that will allow you to burn some calories walking while your kids explore different exhibits. Stay a few hours and you may even hit 10,000 steps. Your children will enjoy being around kids their own ages, the animals and the artifacts. Try kicking it up a notch by planning a scavenger hunt for each exhibit.
  2. Festivals – These are usually full of fun, food and music. So, why not dance a little and try the healthier food options, or your favorite foods in moderation.
  3. Library – It’s a quiet, stress-free place. Some local libraries have programs that encourage kids to read more throughout the summer months. This will give your children an opportunity to work on their reading and comprehension skills, while you enjoy the library’s quiet. You may even read a good book yourself. Plus, libraries are FREE.
  4. Rec centers and local parks- If you want to get out and don’t really want to be in the heat, the local park can be awesome. Be sure to check the schedule and rules for using the pools or gym facilities.
  5. Local Tours – trolleys, boats, walking, oh my! Try a local walking tour, or a bicycle tour. Tours are great for exercise and will allow you and your youngsters to learn new things about your area.

It is I, Kyra Watson. I am an admin support specialist at Vitality Group by day, and a superwoman by night, (but it’s sort of a secret).

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