Staying in shape at home

By Kyra Watson

Sometimes going to the gym isn’t the best option. You would rather just work out by yourself. You can’t afford the fees or you lack transportation. Here are a few items I have found that help me stay in shape when I am finding it hard to get to the gym:

Resistance bands – Resistance bands are great for resistance training, and are very versatile. Some resistance bands are adjustable and you can us different attachments such as ankle straps or resistance band bars.

Adjustable weights – These are also great because they have the ability to decrease and increasing the weight without too much equipment. These are a great space saver. Added with resistance bands these will allow even more resistance.

Your body – Your body is the best equipment. Doing  push ups, pulls ups, squats, sprints, burpees and crunches will give you a great full body workout with simple movements. These exercises are great way for beginners to get a great burn and begin to build strength as well.

Online videos and apps – There are plenty of apps that help with weight loss and food tracking. YouTube has hundreds of free videos, that incorporate workouts that utilize all of the equipment above.

What equipment do you find helpful to make your at-home workouts less difficult?

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