Shining a light on mental health

Shining a light on mental health - Vitality

While many wellness programs only concentrate on the physical aspect of well-being, Vitality takes pride in having a robust platform that focuses on total well-being – offering tools and resources to impact our members’ physical, financial and emotional health.

The impact of mental health to businesses cannot be understated as depression and anxiety are estimated to cost the global economy US $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. This week, several groups are shining a light on the importance of focusing on emotional health. The National Alliance of Mental Illness has designated this week Mental Illness Awareness Week. Wednesday is World Mental Health Day organized by the World Health Organization, and Thursday is National Depression Screening Day designated by Mental Health America.

All these efforts are important in that they present opportunities to educate and generate conversation to remove stigma and encourage people to seek help when needed.

Employers can ensure they offer their employees a robust health and well-being program that includes a focus on cognitive resilience and timely access to mental health services.

Individuals can gain an understanding of how prevalent mental illness is and be thoughtful of how they speak, e.g., not being flippant with words like “crazy.”

It’s important for all to be aware that screenings are the quickest and easiest way to determine whether someone is experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Employees should start by taking advantage of the resources offered by their employers, but also be aware that as a starting point free screening resources exist.

Mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety, are real, common and treatable. Recovery is possible. We hope you will help us shine a light on the problem and resources. #curestigma  #mentalhealth  #MIAW18

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