Running, motivation and mantras.

By Christine Brophy

I admit it: I’m lucky; I love (love) running.  I’ve been at it for more than 30 years and on at least five days a week, it’s every bit as part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth.

I’m also fortunate because my faithful training partner is also my best friend and husband.  We do all our running together unless I’m away for business travel.

Even after all the years and all the miles, there are still occasional days when the standard loop around the lake – that run I’ve done at least a thousand times – becomes difficult.  Sometimes it’s because I didn’t have a good night’s sleep, I’m feeling a bit stressed about things in my life, or I’ve not been fueling my body the way I need to.  And yes, sometimes it’s because I just don’t feel like it.

It is on those days that I remind myself why I run, lace up and get out the door, and turn my thoughts to the many mantras I’ve built up over time.

Some of my whys and the mantras that go with them:

  • I run for my sister who passed away at the age of 50 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She was such a tough cookie, and after watching her suffer for years and still get out there and push herself through what had to be done, how can I complain?  That’s when I begin repeating, “IRFS” (I Run for Sue).
  • I run because I’ve never regretted a day I chose to run, but I’ve always regretted a day I chose not to. Enter the ever-popular “Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”
  • I run because it anchors me and makes me feel like I can handle anything that the rest of the day throws at me. “Be selfish now so that you can be selfless for the rest of the day.”

I recently registered to run another marathon in September.  There’s something about the commitment to an event that gives me more focus, more structure to my routine.  It’s going to be a challenging and hilly one.  Let’s see what new mantra comes out of this one’s training.  “Bring it!”

Christine Brophy, Director, mother of three incredible young men, cancer survivor thriver and eternal optimist.

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