The pursuit of long-term health

By Cara Cynkar

When you think about your golden years, do you see yourself enjoying good health or do you believe that poor health is an inevitable part of growing older? I believe good health in the latter part of life is possible, and the reason I believe this is because of my dad.

My dad was born in 1928, so today, he is 89-years old. My parents live in a small home about 20 feet from my house on close to nine acres of property. One of my dad’s favorite chores is getting outside on the riding lawn mower and cutting the acres of grass that need to be tended to each week. He also takes time to rake down mole hills, weed and water our vegetable garden, trim tree branches, and take his dog out for walks. Every weeknight, he watches Wheel of Fortune because he likes to try to solve the puzzle before the contestants do. Most people don’t believe that he is almost 90-years old because of his mental acuity and general good health.

One of my earliest memories of my dad is his daily exercise routine on a small trampoline. He has owned a small, three-foot-in-diameter trampoline my whole life, and most mornings he spends about 30 minutes doing a little cardio exercise routine.

We have always had a vegetable garden at every home in which we lived so we could take advantage of fresh produce during the summer months. My mom preserved fruits and vegetables in the fall so we could have healthy and convenient produce in the fall and winter months. A large vegetable salad accompanied every evening meal, and we were never allowed to have “sugar” cereals growing up. My parents have also faithfully consumed vitamins every day and instilled the habit in each of their children.

My dad’s health is proof that daily healthy habits can ensure a healthy quality of life in the future. He knew that investing in his health in his early years would yield tremendous returns later on. The pursuit of long-term health is part of Vitality’s mission. I personally know it is possible to live a long and healthy life because of my dad. Thank you, Dad, for inspiring me to invest early on in my health.

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