Thought Leadership

Part 1 – 2022 Engagement White Paper – Overview


The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally disrupted how we perceive health and well-being.  Our understanding of what determines a person’s well-being has matured to encompass a mixture of demographics, psychographics, various risk factors, and social determinants of health.  It has become clear that guiding people toward a healthier lifestyle and helping them engage in the right health behaviors is a powerful mechanism for improving lives, reducing healthcare costs, and creating a culture of health.

However, effectively engaging people in their well-being and achieving results in challenging.  Success is attainable with the right approach backed by the right technology and strategic support.  Vitality’s 2022 Engagement White Paper guides readers on how to think about and define engagement, shares insights into how to drive engagement, and demonstrates how Vitality has used our expertise in engagement to produce exceptional results.

The paper focuses on three key areas:

  • Defining engagement, with four proposed dimensions for measuring engagement and suggested metrics
  • Drivers of engagement, based on an analysis of Vitality’s engagement data supplemented by further analyses, case studies and research
  • Vitality’s engagement, based on an analysis of member data from the last 5 years.

Our hope is that this white paper helps employers and health plans craft health and well-being programs that utilize best practices and learnings to engage people in their health, improve their well-being, and achieve returns.

Download the white paper and view the press release.

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