NSA Looking for Encryption to Prevent Quantum Computer Attacks


By Lynn Greiner

The Financial Post rounds up recent news that technology leaders need to know:

NSA looking for encryption to prevent quantum computer attacks […]

VMware partners with startup to build enterprise hybrid clouds […]

Free security certificates coming from Let’s Encrypt […]

Microsoft announces new pricing for SQL database in Azure […]

Google restricts Flash content […]

Guidelines for wearable health tech proposed

The Vitality Institute, the University of California, San Diego, and Microsoft are working together to develop guidelines to proactively address ethical, legal, and social implications associated with the technology and data used and collected through wearable devices. The current proposal is available for review and comment until Oct. 15. The organization urges anyone with an interest in the future of health technology to review the guidelines and comment, including consumers who use wearables and health apps, along with leaders of the companies that develop, market and distribute these products.


To access full post, click here.

Thumbnail image caption and credit: The US National Security Agency (NSA) plans to begin transitioning to quantum resistant algorithms for its encryption. – AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

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